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Our journal's September issue is now online:

Vol 3, No 3 (September 2013): Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy

A new cardiac variable identified?
Mark Doyle
PDF Pages: 118-121

Fractional flow reserve guided revascularization in daily practice: clinical judgment does not always meet science
Ronen Rubinshtein, Ronen Jaffe
PDF Pages: 122-124

Original Articles
Thoracic aorta cardiac-cycle related dynamic changes assessed with a 256-slice CT scanner
Patricia Carrascosa, Carlos Capuñay, Alejandro Deviggiano, Gastón A. Rodríguez-Granillo, María Inés Sagarduy, Patricio Cortines, Jorge Carrascosa, Juan C. Parodi
PDF Pages: 125-128

Discrepancies between two lipid-lowering guidelines for CVD prevention in seemingly healthy individuals—case study Lebanon
Hussain Ali Isma’eel, Bernard Harbieh, Hani Tamim, Lara Nasreddine, Farah Naja, Abla Sibai, Nada Adra, Kamal Badr, Nahla Hwalla
PDF Pages: 129-136

Fractional flow reserve application in everyday practice: adherence to clinical recommendations
Katia Orvin, Tamir Bental, Alon Eisen, Hana Vaknin-Assa, Abid Assali, Eli I. Lev, David Brosh, Ran Kornowski
PDF Pages: 137-145

Cardiac risk factors and myocardial perfusion reserve in women with microvascular coronary dysfunction
Megha Agarwal, Chrisandra Shufelt, Puja K. Mehta, Edward Gill, Daniel S. Berman, Debiao Li, Behzad Sharif, Ning Li, C. Noel Bairey Merz, Louise E.J. Thomson

PDF Pages: 146-152
Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging myocardial perfusion reserve index assessment in women with microvascular coronary dysfunction and reference controls
Chrisandra L. Shufelt, Louise E. J. Thomson, Pavel Goykhman, Megha Agarwal, Puja K. Mehta, Tara Sedlak, Ning Li, Edward Gill, Bruce Samuels, Babak Azabal, Saibal Kar, Kamlesh Kothawade, Margo Minissian, Piotr Slomka, Daniel S. Berman, C. Noel Bairey Merz
PDF Pages: 153-160

Progression of coronary atherosclerosis in African-American patients
Yu Kataoka, Amy Hsu, Kathy Wolski, Kiyoko Uno, Rishi Puri, E. Murat Tuzcu, Steven E. Nissen, Stephen J. Nicholls
PDF Pages: 161-169

Mini Review
Left ventricular noncompaction cardiomyopathy
Kamal Shemisa, Jun Li, Marty Tam, Julio Barcena
PDF Pages: 170-175

Case Reports
Not quite an acute ST segment elevation myocardial infarction
Venkataramanan Gangadharan, Ahmad Alazzeh, Terry Forrest
PDF Pages: 176-179

Aortic valve repair with autologous pericardium for traumatic aortic valve regurgitation
Atsuo Mori, Hiromitsu Takakura, Takashi Hachiya, Katsuhisa Onoguchi
PDF Pages: 180-182

Arts and Medicine
Abstract landscapes
Regina Tumasella
PDF Pages: 183-184

Cleveland, Euclid Avenue
Oranna Schoenhagen
PDF Pages: 185

The art of pollination
Kurt Shaffer
PDF Pages: 186-187


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