December 09, 2005

Reflection on Fall 2005

Looking back my past three months, I have challenged many things along with my personal decision that I made in the beginning of this semester. Also there are many things I could not achieve because of the loss of opportunity with my laziness, or time and money constraints. What I learned form my past experiences is that smartness is not the first value to be able to acheive something, but hard work, passion to be successful, modesty are rather important aspects to make my dream come true. In other word, as long as I devote my life to one thing I really love, I might be able to gain something although I might sacrifice something at the same time. Also I feel how much I could have improved my daily actions by planning and carrying out it day by day. However instead, I have also gained a lot of things by going slowly and choose what I really want.

December 07, 2005

Performance Appraisal

As business competition intensifies worldwide, companies must strive more than ever before to improve quality and production while controlling cost. To get employees excited their jobs, beyond financial reward, I think that managers must make sure their work supports their career goal and perhaps the greatest motivator of all is workers to simply know they are appreciated that their contributions are not going unnoticed. Maybe resepondents revealed that lack of recognition is one of the primary reasons employees quit their jobs.Thus, Company should motivate team of professionals to contribute their best work by creating an environment which continaully celebrates outstanding performance.

December 05, 2005

Long Journey

My best is not nearly good enough. To improve my life from good to great and great to best, I should not see my limit, but look at the whole picture of the direction and keep walking toward my setting goal. It will be risky and long journey to establish and walk my way. Looking back my values and basic principles, what I would like to do is to contribute to the society by helping people in the world through my business. This is what I want in my life. I have challenged many things that other people don't. And, I will continuously put myself in risky situations in order to keep challenging myself. As now I am young, I have nothing to lose or conceal, and only hope and passion to be happy make me satisfied in my life.

December 02, 2005

E-trading Business

According to my current research, there are a lot of regulations in trading business and the environmentally friendly products, and only experts in the field can provide outstanding service in this competitive market. And, there actually are a lot of roles in terms of international trading and dealership, I deeply need to look into all of these elements.
Even though I do so, however, there are still a lot of uncertain constraints in terms of regulations such as international business laws, visa issue, international trading contracts and other potential risks. Therefore, I need to carefully consider whether or not I can do this within my capacity. If this business might have to spend my time beyond my assumption, I will avoid trading and try smaller scale business plan with online because the goal is to connect with stakeholders and deepen understanding of trading business.

December 01, 2005

Catch Your Dreams Exercise

The Catch your Dreams exercise provides me to understand what I am really interested. Before doing this exercise, I was not clear about my desire of personal goal such as volunteering for HIV/AIDS patients in Africa, family value and friendships.
Though this exercise, as I realize that I am interested and want to deeply research about African economic and social problems, especially in South Africa, and I would like to go there and volunteer for three months to figure out what is really going on.
In the future, one of my personal dreams is to contribute to educational and medical development in countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Although there are currently many local or outside people, pharmaceutical or other types of corporations, government and international volunteer organizations providing various supports, there are still a lot of potential tasks they can carry out in the future.
Since I was in the routine flow of life cycle at this college, I did not think seriously about my future desire. By writing 17 values I would like to achieve, however, I clarify what I really want to achieve and how I should think about my dream.

November 05, 2005


Although there are some policies like affirmative action and EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commision) to prevent discrimination, which means the actual behavior resulting from prejudice in industry in advance, however, I think that discriminations, which means the actual behavior resulting from prejudice, are still prevailed in 21th century industry. Because the policies is not the best of guides about what is fair, the employers should make decision that involves ethics based on what is impartiality. The very first thing, we have to keep in mind is that everyone is equal in respect of the fact that we are humanbeing.

November 03, 2005

Business ethics

Last Tuesday in class a guest speaker from career center lectured regarding business ethics especially on job search. He talked about several things related to job research matters. After his speech, we had the Wall Street Journal work-place ethics quiz. Though our answers were a little bit different from surveys, it was pretty interesting document. I was astonished by sight that many of other students agreed with 50$ or 100$ on the question7 which asks " what's the value at which a gift from a supplier or client becomes troubling?" . Because in my country, Korea, we have fixed rule that exceed 30$ from a supplier or client is regarded as illegal. I underwent cultural difference from this point of view once more.