Special Pricing for Appreciative Communications Ends Oct. 10


Supervisors and managers are faced with daily challenges in their endeavors to build a quality team that is united and wholly committed to achieving mission and objectives.

Many report that they are constantly plagued by their own self-doubt and questioning about when to speak up and how to say something, especially when the topic is something considered "off limits."

Learn practical techniques from appreciative inquiry to develop effective communication that sets clear expectations, increases performance, and builds high performing teams. Read more...

Session Objectives

1. Identify communication challenges that would improve if an appreciative approach were taken.

2. Develop a working knowledge of the key concepts and theories in Appreciative Inquiry.

3. Learn the power of the appreciative question and other appreciative communication techniques and practice using them in simulated scenarios relevant to participants.

4. Increase the understanding of conflict as normal, the differences as a strength, and strengthen the capacity of supervisors to manage differences in teams.

Skills to be covered:
Appreciative inquiry as a communication tool
Ability to distinguish between communication, conflict and
organizational culture as sources of tension or disease in your
Specific techniques for shifting to an appreciative or generative
communication between individuals and among teams.

Payment received by October 10:
General - $50
MSASS Alumni (MSSA and MNO) - $45

All payments received after October 10- $70
or $85 at the door

Fee includes 3 hours of instruction, nearby parking
3 CEUs for social workers, counselors, nursing home administrators


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