December 08, 2005

Performace Appraisals

Appraising someone else's performance is not a fun nor easy task. In our HR Simulation Performance Appraisals we were told to appraise the other members of our team. I found this very difficult do the the fact I strive to not hurt other people's feelings. Telling someone that you think they are not a good worker isn't exactly being the kindest person in the world. I think if it would be possible to do the appraisals on an anonymous level people would get much better feedback. I know I held back on some of the things I would have liked to tell my teammates simply because I didn't want them hating me. Also, because I know that some of the things they were doing wrong I did myself. This makes me feel very hypocritical. On an anonymous basis I believe the members could get much better feedback without feeling attack by any specific individual.

Career Center

Probably my favorite part of Management 250 was getting in touch with the Career Center. Last Monday, the 2nd, I had to go to the Career Center to receive and be taught about th results of my MBTI test. Their workers seem to actually care about getting us students out there in the "real world" and getting us a good job. Many times I have considered transferring to an easier college and not working half as hard as I am here, but one of the main things that have kept me here is the Career Center. I feel very confident that their workers will assist me to the best of their ability in finding a job that I love to do. I feel that Case needs to show off their Career Center more in recruiting new students.

HR Simulation Finale

So the annual report for year two is handed in and our Human Resources Simulation is finally complete. This is something I am very thankful for. While I did enjoy the simulation, the computer system seemed to have flaws. On a few occasions our productivity dropped down from a 220 to 170 with no major change of what we were doing. This of course killed our overtime and most likely affected turnover. If it was something we were doing to affect it I would have no problem accepting failure, but I don't like feeling like we made the correct decisions and the computer hampered our companies progression. Other than that I enjoyed the simulation and feel that it should be continued to other classes. It is a good chance to get a feel of what running a company may look like and the various decisions you could have to make.

December 07, 2005

Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary actions are a necessary evil in any workplace. I feel that on no level of any field can a worker work to their maximum potential without a fear of repercussions for total ineptitude. How to punish and what punishment to enforce should be at the discretion of the manager or supervisor of the employee in question. Granted you're not going to punish a doctor the same as a janitor for slight tardiness, but in either case the worker should know they are in the wrong and a lack of effort to fix the problem could result in a loss of your job. Does the boss have to be a tyrant who punishes his workers for every wrong step? No. But that doesn't mean he can't attempt to correct problems without at least the fear of punishment.

The Tom Mendola Case

First off I firmly believe in this case that Tom Mendola should be fired. Luckily, I was also put on the side of the room that was supposed to debate why he should be fired. First off the majority of workers in a factory like Tom was in are on a check to check basis with their own family, so a boss will not be able to single out one worker and bend to his needs. After being reprimanded multiple times and being allowed to change positions Tom had plenty of chances to straighten up. When I was 18 I began working in a factory, and the first thing I learned was that just because I am younger the older workers aren't going to take it easy on me. The older workers are working to support their families. If you slow them down they won't be happy with you.

November 07, 2005

Training Methods

The training of new employees is a very important part of an efficient, productive company. In class we spent a lot of time in small groups talking about a new and innovative way to train new employees. While this project was fun I feel that it was time that could have been spent in a more productive way. Some of the ideas in class were fairly impossible and we're voted for simply because they sounded like fun. This wouldn't bother me if it wasn't for the fact that it was for bonus points that I could really use. I like the idea of awarding participation bonus points in class, but maybe have it done in a voting system that isn't so flawed.

Learning Plan

The Learning Plan is a huge headache. As much is I feel capable of answering all of the questions asked in the paper, it feels near possible to answer the questions in a smooth, flowing paper with our own creativity thrown in here and there. Hopefully I will be able to pull it together better in the final draft for my grades sake, but I also don't like how the initial draft is worth more points that the other two. In the original draft I didn't know really what the grader was looking for on this paper that I barely knew how to write in the first place. This is the first paper I have ever written in which I have the edit it in order to cut pages, as compared to usually have to stretch every last word to make it long enough.