January 27, 2007


Welcome to my blog! Here I choose to write about whatever I wish... from my personal life to my opinions, this blog is pretty much open to anything I feel like revealing. Granted that's not much given my secretive nature, but it ought to be better than nothing at all.

If you don't know anything about me, just know that I'm a male Political Science/International Studies double major with a serious desire to succeed. I want to work for certain branches of the government and obtain a Ph.D at some point and teach. Also know that I tend to be somewhat opinionated in my views on human nature, but I think differently than almost everybody I know and my insights are unique if not valuable. They could be wrong, but I'd like to think they're all right :)

If you reply, please do so in proper English. First, it makes me want to read what you write. Second, it makes me consider your point of view much more seriously. Third, it shows that you put effort into what you do. Finally, it's just a nice thing to do. I really appreciate that kind of stuff, believe it or not.

Until next we meet,

The First Rant

So... This is my new blog. I decided that instead of keeping just about everything I think entirely to myself, I'd actually write about it for a change where someone might actually see it. Here goes...


Lately, this is what I've been seeing on so many people's faces at Case. Some people like to call it Case syndrome, where you've been here so long you're at the point where you think your life kinda sucks. You study for a while memorizing formulae and facts for a test in one of the many infamous science departments, you spend all day doing your readings for your various classes... You just get to the point where you start to think that your life sucks. Let's face it, from a certain perspective it does. Most of your friends at other colleges seem to have an abundance of time on their hands, they seem to party a lot more, and they just seem to be having a much better time of it. That darned grass just always seems to be greener on the other side. Meanwhile, you're here grinding through your work just to try to eke out a B (a C for some classes), and if you're really good an A. You party out of necessity on the weekends as a way to try to drown out the sorrows of the week so that hopefully you might be able to come back next week able to face down the terrors of OChem again, for example. It happens. It seems to be a fact of life here at Case. Of course, when we begin to compromise our own personal values in an attempt to try to stop wallowing in our sorrow, we bring that lovely 6-letter word upon ourselves.

Why do so many Case students regret coming here? Why do we turn to other means of trying to block the pain when all it does it bring us more regret?

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