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Americans today tend to believe that high school is a time to have fun. At the same time I believe that high school is a time to have fun, I also believe that high school is one of the first major trials in our life. When you first step foot into high school you decide what group you hang out with, what classes you take, and how much time and effort you put into academics. The decisions you make during your high school career effect what college or post graduate career you decide to take, what stance you have on drugs and alcohol, and your stance about cheating. Each decision you make in high school has pros and cons, and you must weigh the pros and cons to make the appropriate choice. If you don’t make the right choice then you may have to pay the consequences later. Consequences can be as simple as staying up late to finish a paper or not being able to hang out with friends one night because you kept pushing the paper back. A decision could have benefits in the beginning, but in the long run the choice could have more severe consequences. There are many choices you make in high school and each one has its benefits and its consequences.
I can look throughout my own life and I can find many decisions that affect where I am at right now. Several decisions that have affected my life were to play high school soccer, to attend Case Western Reserve University, and to study electrical engineering. For each of the choices I made there were also consequences that followed them. When I choose to play soccer it meant that I couldn’t play in the high school band. I had enjoyed my years in the band in junior high and now I was not able to play in high school. Everyone can relate to the consequence of attending Case which is the cost to attend this prestigious school. Attending such a good school (according to many upper classmen) means that the route to graduation is difficult. With the decisions you make there will be benefits and consequences.
High school may be a time to have fun, but also is a time filled with choices and with those choices comes consequences. Americans who go through high school thinking that it is a big party are wrong. The decisions a person makes in high school can have major consequences on the rest of their life. The consequences could take affect the short term or it could take affect the long term. Bad decisions will eventual have some effect, so make smart well informed decisions.


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Why could you not play soccer and in the band as well. I am from the UK and dont really understand that.

I played in the school soccer team and also the band and other than the stigma attached to playing in the band there was never an issue.

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