Walking through the dorm hallways you will see many different types of writing or communication. In the common room you can find a bulletin board full of information for random clubs and events, there is a calendar reminding students of upcoming events in the dorm, residential college, and campus wide events, and the television is also a form of communication. The purpose of all three forms of communication is to keep the students informed about what is going on around Case and throughout the world. The bulletin board, calendar, and television remind us freshman and upperclassman that school is more than go to class, come back to your dorm, do homework, go to bed, and start the process over tomorrow. Student life does involve going to class and doing homework, but it doesn’t mean you must stay locked in your room the whole time. The calendar, bulletin board, and television tell us that student life is balancing work and pleasure. Pleasure can be going to the common room, and talking with friends, or watching television, joining a club, or attending a campus event. Without the balancing act between work and pleasure it would make for a very stressful “home life” at the university.
I glanced around my dorm’s second floor and found that out of about twenty rooms; only six of them had messages boards. Each message board also seemed to serve a different purpose. One listed random factors about dinosaurs, another wrote notes to himself, and several others had lots of notes from friends. All of the different ways the messages boards were used shows a different personality and some of what they value as a person. The dinosaur board shows that he likes dinosaurs and finds them interesting by listing several facts for everyone to see. The person who writes notes or reminders to himself demonstrates that he tries to be punctual and organized. The boards whose writing mainly consists of friends writing shows that they value their friends input and like to be involved with their friends. Now I am not saying that dinosaur board and Mr. Reminder don’t hang out with friends, I am saying that the boards show a little bit of what that person values the most. The message boards all together exhibits that student life, freshman year, is dedicated to trying to display who you are as a person. The message boards are just one example of trying to display who you are as a person. Another example of writing or communication that students use to present who they are would be the posters and color of their room. The writing and communication that surrounds students in the dorm room is each individual trying to stand out.


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