Alcohol is not the reason to join a fraternity. The main focus of a fraternity especially Zeta Psi is brotherhood.

The first two weeks of the semester at Case are “rush” weeks for the fraternities on campus. I attended some of the events because I wanted to take advantage of the free stuff and have a good time. In the end I received a couple of bids and decided to join Zeta Psi. The main reasons why I join Zeta Psi was because of the leadership opportunities and also the friends that I had made. This fraternity seemed to be a close and friendly group of brothers (meaning member of the fraternity). This friendship or brotherhood can be seen throughout their house and website.
From the basement to the fourth floor there is an example of brotherhood in the Zeta Psi house. In the basement there is a long mirror that is etched with the badge of Zeta Psi. The badge reminds brothers of what they are a part of. Skipping to the second, third, and fourth floor there are Zeta Psi symbols (??) painted on the walls. Going even further in most rooms there is the picture of the 2007 Zeta Psi members and posted on the walls are the Greek letters of who lives in each hallway. The Greek letters and group picture make you feel like you not only and that whenever you are in trouble there is someone to go to. The place where brotherhood can be seen the easiest is on the ground floor. There are portraits on the wall of previous Zeta Psi years, and trophies and awards on a shelf from previous years. The pictures go as far back as the early 70’s, and remind you that you are carrying on a tradition that has existed since 1884. Throughout the 123 year existence many awards have been won, some are from the national convention of Zetes and other are for IM sports. All of the awards, pictures, and writing on the wall remind you that you are a part of Zeta Psi.
The place where the past, present, and future brothers of Zeta Psi collide is on the Zeta Psi website. The website allows everyone to know what is going on in the fraternity. The site also informs viewers of the current officers and general news around the fraternity. The virtual world allows previous members to stay in touch with the current members, which keeps that sense of brotherhood or family.
The Zeta Psi fraternity is a group of guys that consists of members from 1884 to the fall pledges of 2007. The sense of brotherhood exists in the actual and virtual world, through the use of the Greek letters representing Zeta Psi and the website bringing everyone back to a central meeting place. As any member would state, “Once you’re a Zete always a Zete.”


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