March 21, 2006

Chapter Highlights

I'm not as good at powerpoint as you guys are, so i thought i'd post my thoughts onto the Blog:
Some key points from the Chapters I wrote as I read along. It took me a while to finish the book, but i thought it was a generally good read with some interesting points.

I thought it wsa interesting we've attracted some interest from outside sources (see Heidi and Gretchen's post) from the university. Goes to show the power of sharing and broadening one's experience.

I liked in Chapter 2, page 69 he writes "we are quick to discover explanations for things we don't have explainations for". I think today's society is based on white lies, and this is why we are so prone to do this. Young children don't have a problem saying people are ugly or fat or some other characteristic, but yet we're fired at work for doing so. Could lying be a defense mechanism from the cover your butt theory so prevalent in the working class society?

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February 28, 2006

Project Creation

Hey guys, just wanted a separate forum for the discussion of the project. Would we like to perform any of the tests described in the book to the class and in our small groups, or create one of our own. My first idea (which i'm still finalizing in my head) is a mock of the Harvard exam. I was wondering if it would be possible to use raising hands (left or right) and verbal descriptions to test the audience vs. online. Or should we pull down the projector and use the computer in the room to show an actual test? I bet it would be fun to have Prof. Case or our kind TA try one.

February 17, 2006

dont blink but sleep on it

Hey guys I found this article on BBC which says that researchers found that if we were to make a complex decision, its better to sleep on it and allow our unconcious mind to make such a decision. Here's the link

February 16, 2006

Link to Harvard's IAT test

I actually completed a few of these tests. I have some other ideas for the class presentation, but I think you guys should try an online quiz if you haven't already. Apparently i hate white people.

Here's the LINK

February 10, 2006

Blink 143

Welcome to the Blog for our study of the novel BLINK. I hope our venture into the digital world is a successful one.