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February 08, 2006

Is this what liberal arts is all about?

So it's three days after the superbowl, and I've been eating leftover chili for that entire time. I realized today, while picking out some charred bits, that my fatal flaw was in not having one of those magnetic stirrers that we had to use in Chem Lab at Case. With the aid of such a device, I could have kept my chili blanco moving while it simmered over low heat--thus avoiding both the charred bits in the leftovers and the insurmountable task of cleaning my stock pot.

I also find myself thinking about chem lab when making pasta sauce--to combat the phenomenon known as "bumping" (I think that's what the prof called it--it basically was the result of part of your solution boiling and throw all your good stuff out of your beaker) we would direct a stream of air at the surface--it's all that PV=nRT stuff. When I'm cleaning my stovetop after a particularly messy red sauce, I often wonder whether I should install some kind of air hose...

I don't work in an environment where I use chemistry every day. So why is it that I can remember these crazy details? What is it about some classes--or lab work--or profs--that makes us remember things like we learned them yesterday, while other things seem to be lost and gone forever?

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