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Student leaders thrive at Case

Last night, I attended Case's annual student leadership awards ceremony. It was an event that recognized outstanding undergraduate student leaders and organizations.

I sat with a group of students from The Observer, the campus newspaper that I co-advise. These students are an amazingly talented bunch: Rob is a biology major active in Spectrum, Megen is a pre-med music major, Rick is an accounting major who recently won a prestigious sports journalism scholarship, Liz (the new editor-in-chief) is a pre-med biology major, and Laura is a chemistry major finishing up her second year as the editor-in-chief.

This is the first year that I'm advising the group, and I've already become very attached to the students. It fills me with pride seeing them achieve their goals. I don't know if it's the strong maternal instinct I've got going on or what, but I'm so proud and protective of these guys!

Overall, several Observer staffers and reporters were honored yesterday, but for their accomplishments outside of the newspaper - Brian for Outstanding Member of the Undergraduate Student Government, Jeff for Outstanding Student Club/Organization member (Footlighters) and Rob for Drag Ball.

Best of all, Laura won Outstanding Senior. I was thrilled that she won! But still, I have to admit that I was disappointed that the Observer staffers didn't pick up even more awards. Call me greedy, but even though there are a zillion student leaders on campus, I happen to think that the Observer kids deserve more accolades.

In any case, it was really cool to be surrounded by so many outstanding student leaders in the Thwing Ballroom. It was inspiring to learn about the accomplishments of so many Case students and student organizations and to witness the campus community celebrating them.


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