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I suppose it’s time

I suppose it’s time for awkward introductions. I’m not great at the whole “this is my life” bit, Oh Great Blogosphere, but I will make my best attempt to not come off as bumbling and tongue-tied (finger-tied?).

I’m a freshman, a History/Education major, and hopelessly enamored with the world of debate and political discourse. I coach high school debate, I play the trumpet and speak French, I’ve got the two best friends on the face of the Earth (think Harry, Ron, and Hermione – also, get used to ridiculous pop culture references), and I’ve got a weird fascination with chronicling my own life. I plan on making the world of speech and debate my life, teaching history to high school students and humbly aspiring to inspire students the way my coaches inspired me. Anything else you need to know is in the bio. It’s far more succinct for a reason.

Now that that’s overrr, on to the more interesting stuff!


Monday was the first day of the spring semester at Good Ol’ CWRU, and I could not be more pumped about my schedule this semester. As per usual, I’m taking an ambitious 19 credit hours (the maximum number without an override) so I will soon be swamped with papers and reading and all sorts of yucky homework junk that is supposed to better my education, etc. But! At the moment, the coming 16 weeks are just endless possibility and for that reason, I’m feeling really awesome. Here’s a breakdown of my classes and how I feel about them, and then you can move along to something more entertaining, like the Munchkin Cat video on YouTube or something.

Weight Training: Pretty self-explanatory. The females in the class are pretty seriously outnumbered though.

Intro to Modern World History: So far way less boring than most other world history courses I’ve taken. I’m reeeeaaaallllyyyy hoping that it continues to not be boring, because the amount of work we have is so immense that I will be rather upset if it’s boring too.

Spanish 101: Taco! Queso! Burrito! I can speak about 25 words of Spanish, but after seven years of French, it’s really difficult to not respond to the question “Como te llamas?” with “Je m’appelle Sara.”

Educational Psychology: BEST. CLASS. EVER. Seriously, I adore it. It’s probably just my incredibly nerdy inner passion for teaching and a teeny bit of desire to fast-forward to my post-college career, but I honestly couldn’t be more excited. Pinch me. No joke.

Principles of Microeconomics: Let it be known that I despise economics with every fiber of my being. However, this professor is witty and entertaining and his speech is sprinkled with profanity – all characteristics which I admire. Anyone who references Scrooge McDuck in a lecture is pretty awesome. We’ll see if he can make opportunity cost and the study of scarcity interesting.

SAGES: Spin, PR, and America Today: A really interesting class that will probably fascinate me, but so far it’s just made me very suspicious about product placement, subliminal messages, and what Dick Cheney really meant.

Intro to American History: This class reminds me why I decided to become a history major in the first place. ‘Nuff said.


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