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Free Red Bull Anyone?

Personally as a college student, I feel like I constantly have a shortage of the thing I need most, energy to get everything I need to get done, well done. That’s why when I see a small Mini Cooper with what appears to be some type of can built into the structure of the car driving around, I get pretty excited. What a great marketing idea, let’s put two women in charge of driving around a college campus giving out a can of Red Bull, or several, to every person that crosses their path.

I know from experience that I cannot make it through a full day at Case without a dose of caffeine or a nap to rejuvenate myself. So what a pleasant surprise it is when on your way to class, or on your way back to your room to study, you're handed a nice cold case of Red Bull. How could you say no, it’s free. Even if you don’t drink energy drinks, you could always give them to a friend or strike a deal with someone that wasn’t fortunate enough to run across these girls.

So take it from me, it doesn’t hurt to always be on the lookout for the Red Bull girls, they might just make your day. What else would have prompted me to write about it? I just couldn't resist the two Red Bulls.


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sounds like a bunch of bull!!

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