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Wednesdays Aren’t Totally Lame Anymore!

I don’t know how y’all feel about Wednesdays, but they’ve never been a good day for me. I feel stuck in the quagmire that has become my week; I’ve forgotten already how relaxing Sunday was, and Friday is so far away I might as well not bother. HOWEVER, for some reason, college has given Wednesday a makeover. Instead of feeling stuck in the middle of a crappy week, I’m actually optimistic about the fact that it’s Wednesday. I neither have any clue why that is, nor why I’m writing about it, but I find it an interesting trend. More on this later?

Anyway, this Wednesday was pretty cool. I get out of classes on Wednesdays at 12:30pm. This is a golden time of day, in my esteemed opinion. It’s lunchtime. I might actually (probably not) get some work done, as the floor is pretty deserted. But on this particular Wednesday, it was kind of dead. Like, super dead. Boring as the day is long. So I sat around and did pretty much nothing for a large part of it (lame).

Then some folks from the floor decided to get food from L3, the grill-ish-thing (I’m eloquent) that sits snugly underneath Leutner Dining Hall (and also a giant construction site, at the moment). After some issues with their touch screen menu doodad (I’m also really competent) I received a delicious piadini which I definitely did not think I was ordering when I ordered, but mmmmboy. L3 is definitely a nice break from Leutner. Not to mention the jukebox.

After this, I was convinced to go along to a rush event for Alpha Phi Omega. For those who are unaware, APO is a Boy Scouts of America-affiliated co-ed service fraternity, which does service-y things like helping old folks and raising money and clipping dogs’ toenails, etc etc. I’ve been considering APO for a while, but I was kind of planning to not rush APO this semester, as I’m already participating in sorority rush which starts this weekend. But someone told me that APO was going to Tommy’s in Coventry (and also that it was free for potential pledges) and I was sold.

Tommy’s is pretty much a vegetarian Mecca, or Heaven, or freakin’ Valhalla. Either way, it’s delicious. I love Coventry already, because it’s such a fun place and it’s only a Greenie or RTA trip away, but I am pretty sure that if Tommy from Tommy’s proposed to me, I would have to seriously consider it before saying no (sorry Tommy, I’m taken. But I love your milkshakes).

So I was suckered into going to a rush event I hadn’t planned on for milkshakes. But it ended up being really fun. The APO people that I met were nice, we were accosted in Tommy’s by some very proud mother whose son apparently had a gig at the Grog Shop (I don’t know either, I suspect boozing may have been involved), and I got a ~delicioussssss~ cookie dough milkshake. Yum. The jury is still out on whether or not I will pledge APO this semester. We’ll give it some time, but they definitely have given me reason to think about it.


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