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Independence, People, and Dorms

I always wondered what it would be like to not see my parents everyday. How it would be like to eat whatever, whenever. How it would be like to not have a parental alarm clock to tell you when to get up and go to class. How it would be like to do anything I want without the supervision of my parents…

Then I came to college. I loved the freedom that came with moving out of state. I was finally completely independent (relatively speaking… there was of course the occasional phone call from me to them to ask for money, and from my parents to me to check up on my grades, health, etc.). The decisions I made finally shaped me the way I wanted. The freedom was at first hard to grasp. I found myself often calling home for permission to buy books and such, but with time, I started depending on my own judgment to secure the best deals and save money. I guess I realized the extent of my freedom when I received a bid (invitation) this week from Phi Kappa Psi, one of the fraternities on campus. I would never have thought that I would be able to make such a big decision on my own. But I did, and I feel like I've grown so much since the beginning of the school year. I guess that's what college did to me.

Anywho… this post was originally supposed to be about the residential life in college. At my bid dinner, I sat across a brother and we had a nice conversation. When we headed back, I discovered he lived two doors down from me. That's what I love about res life. You get to meet new people everyday, even half way through the school year.

Yet, one of the few things I regret was not choosing to live in the Mistletoe Residential College. Consisting of Hitchcock, Storrs, and Pierce dorms, Mistletoe is the unique residential college, primarily due to the living arrangements. Floors are co-ed, yet separated by sexes so that the boys live on one side of the floor, while the girls live on the other. Rooms are arranged in quads, with 5 rooms to a quad. Two common rooms branch the quads to promote interaction among floormates. The rest of the residential colleges (Juniper and Cedar) have living arrangements much like that of a hotel, in which rooms are side by side, surrounding a communal bathroom (for a more detailed floor plan, visit http://studentaffairs.case.edu/living/facilities/tour/). Because of the ways rooms are structured, people in Mistletoe always seem to be a lot closer than those living in Juniper or Cedar. One thing that I wanted when I came to Case was to meet as many different people as possible. I felt that living in Mistletoe would've facilitated my goal much more than living in the other residential colleges. So learn from me… finish your paperwork as soon as possible, find a roommate that's compatible (much more important than living in mistletoe), and get crakin' on your new student checklist (which is quite fun.. seeing all those checkmarks makes me feel productive during the summer, which rarely happens).


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