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5 Hours of Sleep…Again?

To say the least I’m having a long week. See the thing is I have this tendency to be interested in almost everything; I can’t help it, I like being busy. I’m trying to be as unconceited as possible when I say I pride myself at having halfway decent time management skills. It’s probably what helped me get into Case (It’s definitely not a prerequisite; I know a fair share of people here that show little to none at all). Regardless, the fact is simple, if you wake up early, fill your day with classes and extracurricular activities then stay up late doing homework, you’re going to get worn down. It’s a fact of life and part of what makes college what it is. This semester I tried my best to take advantage of everything Case has to offer. Between undergraduate research, SigEp, service opportunities, education (of course) and just trying to have a social life, it’s been a trying week and it’s only very, very early Wednesday morning. I’m not trying to intimidate you into thinking that Case or any other college is not fun, I’m just trying to say overextending yourself can catch up with you. It depends on what kind of person you are. If you’re student at Case or even someone considering Case, more often than not you’re a person that enjoys doing more than the bare minimum. Case accommodates that perfectly. They have something for just about everybody. There’s little merit to the statement that your 19-credit course load is weighing you down and you just don’t have time for anything else. You have the time; you just don’t know how to find it. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t plan on going to college two or three times in my life. This is my time here and I’m going to make the most of it, even if it involves a little lack of sleep and a few extra cups of coffee during the day. I can always sleep when I’m older.


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brilliant insights! I am older than a college kid and it's not often that I make it past midnight anymore. for now, use that youth for all it's worth!!


Good advice! Maybe I will try it after I become a college kid this fall. Only I am worried about it may impossible for me to wake up in the morning and my brain can't work so efficiently!Haha.^^


Everyone has to do it at some point, you just get behind and its the only way to get stuff done. The challenging part is avoiding making it a daily thing like me haha.

Some days I set 2-3 alarms to make sure I make it to class, just cause I dont trust 1.

Last thing is, I'm pretty sure my brains gotten used to it by this point; I would hope so because its a regular thing for me.

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