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Don't Stop Till You Drop

Today was the Gluttony Gauntlet, our (annual?) eating contest sponsored by UPB, held at the Jolly Scholar (yes, I know… lots of vocabulary. UPB is the university planning board, which plans campus-wide events like concerts (Kid-Cudi came this fall) and trips to amusement parks like Cedar Point. Jolly Scholar is an on-campus diner that serves… relatively delicious food for a single meal swipe). I decided to enter with a few of my brothers from Phi Kappa Psi. Even through I'm still a pledge, I thought this was a good opportunity to get to know them, and get my interviews done (as a pledge, you have to interview the whole fraternity before you can actually become a brother). I guess I got so caught up in the event that I never really got my interviews done.

Anywho, this event tested a team's capability to eat as much food as possible, as fast as possible, while keeping it down. Yes, I said “keeping it down.” We were even asked to sign health waivers before we went to participate. Case EMS was also present to make sure stuffing ourselves with food wouldn't cause adverse health problems. It was clear that we would be dealing with A LOT of food.

Here's the run down of the competition. Of the 14 entering teams, only 10 would advance after having a member eat as much salad as possible in a 3-minute period (The 4 teams that ate the least would not go on in the competition). The remaining teams would have a member eat as many quesadillas as possible in another 3-minute period. 2 more teams would get ousted, and soon, 8 teams remained to undergo the relay race. Teams would have members eat 5 sliders, 5 hot dogs, 5 chicken fingers, and a whole pie (without hands of course). Teams were competing for a $20 Qdoba (a chipotle-esque restaurant that's on campus) gift card, and most of all, bragging rights.

The brothers and I fasted for this event. I reduced my usual lunch of 3-4 plates of food to a simple sandwich and a measly granola bar for a snack. We were so pumped up for this event. Yet, much to our dismay, we got eliminated in the first round. Some of the brothers and I stayed back to cheer on some of our close friends who entered as another team. Soon, the room was filled with crazy college kids standing on chairs to see their friends, who were on their knees, scarfing down a blueberry pie. If you know anything about frantically eating super-sweet pie with nothing but water and your face, you know it's not going to be pretty. Aside from the remnants of pie plastered all over their faces, we were blessed with the sight of a few "weak souls" whose recently consumed pie ended all over the table/in specially placed buckets in the form of barf. Gross? Yes. Exciting? Extremely!

This is one of the many events that take place on campus each week. It’s a great way to get involved on campus, and you'll never be disappointed by the experience. Chances are, you'll walk away with a free T-shirt.


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