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And now, the thrilling conclusion...

Previously, in Sara’s blog:
In my last post I talked about formal recruitment, my experiences of the first weekend, and my optimism regarding Greek Life at Case. I left you with a super-suspenseful cliffhanger as to what second weekend would be like, if I would get a bid, and ultimately where I would end up at the end of it all.
So here’s the exciting finish.

Day 3 of recruitment: All week I’d been waiting to find out what parties I got invited back to. All week I had been doing homework and other things that suck with the knowledge that Saturday would at least be fun. I found out that I’ve been invited back to my #1, #2, and #4 choices. The parties were fun, but I ended up reordering my choices almost completely. #4 soared to #1, #1 got bumped to #2, and #3 hovered in the same region it had before. I was intrigued.

Day 4 of recruitment: The suspense was hardcore. I was invited back to all three for the pledge parties. #1 was first, and it was awesome. The day 4 theme is ritual, and they went through one with us to give us a feel for what they’re like. They warned us that people might get emotional, and now I can see why. It was intense. I came out of #1 feeling really good about it and was totally pumped for #3, which was next. The party was fun, I liked the people I was with, but I just didn’t get that same excitement that I had in #1. #2 was the last one. I must say, that party was really fun. I enjoyed myself a ton and was sorry to leave.

I had been under the impression all weekend that this would be an agonizing decision. I’m pretty much the least decisive person, ever. My recruitment counselor had told us that people sometimes spend hours on these cards, weighing the pros and cons and sign still unsure of the decision. I, for once in my life, knew exactly what I wanted and was gone within five minutes of the last party.

Bid Day: My morning classes were agonizing. I would really have liked to fast-forward to noon when I could pick up my bid. It eventually got to that point and when all is said and done…

I received and accepted a bid from my first choice, ΣΨ. I can’t explain the good mood I was in all day; something about knowing that you picked the right place for you is just amazing.

The bid acceptance dinner only reinforced that feeling. My pledge class and the sisters are all amazing and I’m truly proud to be one of them. I could never have imagined myself where I am now a year ago, or even six months ago. Regardless, I’m happier with this decision than I would ever have known and am really excited to get to know all the incredible people who I can now call sisters.

All of this said, it has been the busiest week ever and consequently I am putting off writing two papers in the process of updating you with the conclusion to my tale (I just couldn’t leave you hanging, you know). Even so, know that I can already tell you’re going to hear a lot about my experiences as a Sig, because it’s going to be epic.


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