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Snow? Get ... WOAH(ED) ...

Okay, "snow" is an extremely hard word to rhyme with, so forgive me for my fail play-off of the "Mad? Get Glad" tagline. If you couldn't figure out the topic of this entry by my oh-so-very clever title, I'm going to cut you some slack and tell you that it's about the wonderful things that are available to you during the lovely winter months at Case!

It's snowing for about the 4th time this semester (surprise). I just came back from taking a Nutrition Exam. Walking there, the snow was blowing in my face. Walking back, the snow was… yes blowing in my face. Even when you make a turn, the wind some how manages to redirect the snow… into your face. It's like the weather is punishing you for living in Cleveland (We did get rated the #1 city with the worst weather). But to be honest, I think I'm the only one disappointed when there's no snow in the forecast. For one, snow is a change in scenery from sunny California (which, might I mention, is a toasty 80 degrees right now). Yet, snow creates a serene atmosphere, especially in the morning when the fields are undisturbed by people's footsteps. I've also begun to enjoy taking deep, refreshing breaths of cold air after long study hours. Other people, however, tend to stay in their dorms either too lazy to deal with the snow, or too affected by the weather to care about anything other than their bed. Case, however, has a remedy for these bed/room potatoes.

When I came back to begin from winter break, the snow had already blanketed the sidewalks. Walking to class soon became messy as your shoes would often splash in the mixture of ice, water, snow, and slush. Thankfully, Case/University Circle (the area that Case is situated in) provides a free shuttle service that conveniently takes you from your dorm to class. The blue-colored shuttles (called greenies-- they used to be green) not only run throughout the year, but are linked to the internet so that you can see where they are at a given time and a prediction on how much longer till they reach your stop. The downside to this? 1) The predictions sometimes don't show up/are faulty 2) They get pretty crowded during the winter months.

Since getting around is taken care of, all you need is a place to go… No problem! Campus events during this time of month include cultural nights held by clubs like KSA (Korean Student Association) and AAA (Asian-American Alliance). These events usually expose the student body to cultural foods and performances by members and other organizations on campus. It's a great way to get out, be entertained, and even learn something new during these semi-depressing winter months. Saying that there's "nothing to do" is no excuse to stay in during these months. There's always somewhere to be, people to meet, things to eat… you get the point.


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