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Because You Had a Bad Day....

So last week, I blogged about how I was the only person that enjoyed snow. I kind of take that back. This Tuesday morning, I slipped on ice and landed on my knee when I was trying to catch a greenie to the hospital. What resulted were two torn pant legs, a bloody pair of irreparable scrub bottoms, and a knee that would refuse to bend more than 30 degrees. I decided to tough it out and finish my clinicals (and rewarded myself by not going to my other classes for the rest of the day). Basically, this event ruined my day. Not only did I have to limp everywhere, but I also could not climb the stairs to my room. What's even more disappointing was the fact that I couldn't dance until my knee healed. I had been practicing almost every night for a dance my friends and I would be performing for AAA night.

I've been told I had a very interesting mindset about these "bad days." After recovering from my earlier spill, I told myself that, yeah, tearing up your pants and screwing up your knee sucks, but I'd rather this happen to me now than in the future, say, before an important interview. Basically, I believe that there is only so much bad luck in your life, and by "getting it out of the way," you reduce the chance that something bad will happen to something important (like... taking your NCLEX exam, or on the day of your wedding). Thus, I promptly continued with my life, acing an anatomy exam, and kidnapping one of my best friends for a belated birthday celebration.

If I had learned anything that day, they would be: 1) mornings are extra icy-- running with a bagel in hand is not a good idea… for the bagel, and for yourself and 2) bad days come and go. It's how you deal with and learn from them that matters.

In other news:
-We (as in the members of Phi Psi) had a mixer with AXO (Alpha Chi Omega). We enjoyed light refreshments, warm conversations, and an epic display of curling skills demonstrated by the USA and Switzerland curling teams.
-I got a C+ on my nutrition exam. I guess my decision to not study didn't produce the ideal results.
-During clinicals, I met a former sailor for the U.S. Navy who shared with me his experiences at school and while sailing. The smile he gave me during the conversation reminded me of why I wanted to be a nurse.
-I decided to give up hamburgers along with all the other oh-so-delicious-fatty-fried-foods at the grill in attempt to be a healthier individual.


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