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[HARLD] You've received a package!

One of the best email subjects I ever read. No that does not mean I live an uninteresting life nor does it mean I don’t get a lot of emails. I just really enjoy getting a package when I’m away at college. It doesn’t matter if it’s a surprise or not, nothing can clean up a long day of school like a care package from home.

I mean what’s not to like about it? It’s like opening up a present on Christmas. You have a general idea of what you’re going to get, but the specifics are uncertain. So as I fight through the well taped box I can’t help but get excited. Hmm, first there are two containers of Campbell’s Soup at Hand, not bad, not bad. Next, some half and half; I guess my parents were paying attention when I told them I was turning into an avid coffee drinker. Sports Illustrated; always a great package stuffer, if only I had more time to read it. Freeze and Eat tubes of fruit? Very interesting, but hey, I’ll give them a shot. Finally some Juicy Juice individual juice boxes; Mom you know me all too well.

And of course Mom and Dad or Grandma (My two prominent suppliers of packages) always include a note or card. Even without the enclosed card, the message is quite clear. Although I’m over a hundred miles away from home my family still hasn’t forgotten about me, not that they ever would. Whether it is a box full of useful things you love or stuff you don’t want, it reminds you of home.

I really like being away at school, even though I was very happy with everything in Buffalo. I just wanted to try something new for myself. And it’s things as simple as a package from home that remind me of the home I’m missing. And on an ending note, I don’t think anybody really knows who or what “HARLD” is.


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Thanks for this great website. I am trying to read some more posts but I cant get your website to display properly in my Opera Browser. Thanks again.


Funny, I actually had this on my mind a few days ago and now I come across your post.


This was refreshing. I wished I could analyze every post, but i have to go back to work now... But I'll be back.

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