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Why I Love Weekends

I’ve discovered a trend. A trend in this blog, a trend in my life. The weekdays just sort of drift by, they consist of class and random occurrences, but it’s generally the weekend that I live for. The weekend is where most of my awesome memories come from. The weekend is what I’m thinking about if I’m up to my neck in reading for a paper or if I’m cleaning out the inside of a particularly greasy refrigerator at work. And this last weekend was no exception.

Friday night was Heaven and Hell, a party that Sigma Psi and Phi Psi throw together every year. The theme is pretty obvious, and people tend to get into it with costumes and all sorts of shenanigans. I went with a couple of friends and had a lot of fun. The “Heaven” area had a bunch of dancing, which varied from rap to Kelly Clarkson to whatever the DJ felt like at the moment. The “Hell” area had mocktails (mixed drinks without the alcohol) and was more of a place to get away from the crazy-loud, really warm dance floor. In general, I had a great time; I haven’t had much of an excuse to dance since the prom of my senior year, but I love dancing.

The only complaint I had of that night was that my friends and I got creeped on by a number of random guys at the party. Seriously, it got pretty awkward once or twice. My recommendation for parties, especially ones where you’ll only know some of the people in attendance, is go in a group. This will hopefully help diffuse the creeps.

Saturday I visited home in the morning for some delicious pancakes and time with family and friends. Most of the day was just chilling in my hometown, doing what little there is to do there. For lunch I had possibly the greatest pizza ever. Danny Boy’s. If you’re ever in Rocky River, OH, that is the one thing you actually have to do. For that matter, if you’re ever in River, you might as well find me because I’m sure I’ll see you somehow. The town is kind of small that way.

Back at Case later in the evening was Sigma Nu formal. Several things made that night really amazingly fun:
1) It was at the zoo! I love the Cleveland Metroparks zoo, and their primate/fish/big cat house was the location for Sigma Nu’s formal. It was incredible mostly because we got to eat dinner right in front of the gorilla exhibit. The gorillas were seriously right. There. Just chillin’.
It was also convenient because whenever you got bored of dancing, you could wander around and look at the exhibits. The monkeys and the armadillos were definitely the best; the monkeys were adorable and the armadillos spent most of their time running around frantically.
2) Sigma Nu is awesome. I cannot reiterate enough how much I enjoy hanging out with those guys, and this was no exception. I won’t say that I didn’t fear the night would be somewhat awkward, because I didn’t really know how all of us (including their dates, whom I really hadn’t met before) would interact. Instead dinner was as entertaining as the dancing.
3) Dancing. I cannot explain why I love jumping around and flailing as much as I do, but I seriously loved it. This was a great mix for dancing, too, because a lot of it was faster beats and not so much slower songs.
4) Did I mention it was at THE ZOO?!
After all this, I still had Sunday and chapter and seeing all the Sigs to look forward to. And then I went home and drowned in homework. But, in all, I love the weekend.

This weekend in particular should be awesome because not only is it my birthday (19! The totally useless birthday!), but it’s also SPRING BREAK. I’m not really going anywhere impressive, but I am soooooo looking forward to a week of chillaxin’. Right now I'm in the midst of a countdown until school is over. Also, I need to finish mounds and mounds of work. So, until next time, folks.


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Love the heaven and hell idea, I might 'borrow' that for my next party!! Gotta be loving the monkeys at the zoo!!

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