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Have a Break, Have a KitKat®

Breaks are a lot different in college than in high school. In high school breaks aren't usually breaks… they're more of an extended period of time consisting of sleeping-in and studying for one or more standardized tests. In college, however, breaks are a period of rest for your body and mind for another two months of academic punishment, which usually equates to a decrease in your physical health. Seriously… after experiencing the first few semesters of college, you'll realize that, come mid-term week, everyone will suddenly develop this mysterious cough. What does that mean? College sucks the life-force out of you (I wouldn't have it any other way… staying up till 4AM with your friends studying is definitely a fun experience), and break is one of the few ways to recover from it.

One thing that you get from break that you don't get in high school is the feeling of absolute relief that you're DONE, with absolutely NOTHING to worry about for a full week. Trust me, it's like paradise… especially if you go somewhere like Las Vegas, which is where I am right now. The game plan today? Finish watching Mythbusters, head over downstairs to the Blue Man Group (I'm staying at the Venetian right now), and head to bed! Tomorrow? Wake up bright and early, haul the family down to a nice Vegas dinner, maybe get in some shopping, and then drive that 5 hours back to Los Angeles. Awesome way to start spring break? I think so.


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