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When Were Interviews Fun?

I know the other bloggers are all talking about Greek life, but there's no way I can not mention how awesome it is. As I mentioned sometime before in one of my posts, I pledged for Phi Kappa Psi this semester. I had to interview all the brothers (59 to be exact) in the fraternity as a requirement to initiate… which just so happens to be tomorrow. At first, this requirement seemed like an assignment more than anything else, and so that’s how I approached it… by procrastinating. Before I knew it, Spring break came and went, and I was left with 27 more brothers left to interview with only a week before initiation. I basically neglected my homework, lived in the fraternity house, and got to know those that I soon may have the privilege to call my brothers.

Through these interviews, I met so many amazing people. I was able to interview the former CFO of Cedar point, the owner of a private airline company, an artist, a computer programmer, and people from pretty much all the majors Case has to offer. My point is, through pledging for a fraternity, I was able to discover all these amazing things from ordinary people that, a few months ago, I would’ve passed by without giving them a second thought.

That’s the beauty of meeting new people, and precisely why I love doing it so much. To be able to sit down and listen to people’s stories (why they decided to come to Case, why they chose their major, what made them they way they are) and grow from their experiences. So if anything, (I’m talking to you other Freshmen and incoming freshmen next year… by the way congrats) I encourage you to throw yourself out there and get to know those that walk to class with you every day, those that eat next to you in Leutner and Fribley, and start by joining clubs and organizations such as Fraternities and Sororities (and in my case AAA) because you’ll love it. From what I hear, friends that you make in college last forever.


Proud to be a Phi Psi. Spring Pledge Class '10


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