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Sunshine and Research Papers

The sun is still shining in Cleveland. And motivation could not be lower. All that I have wanted to do for the past week has been to say goodbye to responsibility and sit outside in the sun and nap.

In other words, now is the time for self-motivation. It’s important to bring organization into your work, because otherwise things will really not get done. For me, this has become a time to set goals and stick to them. If I’m going to go outside and enjoy the weather, I had better write four pages of my research paper before I do it. If I’m going to go to Coventry to shop, I’d better make sure that I’ve finished all the reading for that class on Monday or I will find myself looking at the clock again on Sunday night and wondering how the time flew by again.

Other than the amount of work and the weather, it seems like even though I don’t have a single moment of free time for the next three weeks, very little exciting is happening. Then again, that isn’t entirely true. This weekend I have Sisterhood Retreat with Sigma Psi, next weekend is Relay for Life and Sig Psi formal, the week after that is Springfest, and then the semester will be over! In general, though, it’s quite a busy time and I can only imagine how quickly the next couple of weeks are going to fly.


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