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Lets Walk Around the Track for 18 Hours?

This past weekend I had the pleasure (and dismay) of captaining Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Phi's Relay for Life team. Prior to about three-four months ago, I had very little idea of what Relay for Life entailed; therefore, I will explain briefly.

Essentially, Relay for Life is a campus wide philanthropy event where teams raise money for the American Cancer Society. The donations "sponsor" a specific team to walk for 18 straight hours around the track. The idea is cancer never sleeps or takes a break; therefore, a team should not either for the entirety of the event.

Basically, with the help of the philanthropy chair of Alpha Phi, my job was to coordinate fundraising and other logistics in order to reach our goal of $1,500. Through hard work by both teams and a little extra stress, our team met our goal. Trust me, not easy. So obviously I was relieved by the time the event was underway.

Of course the event was not only a walk around the track, but rather it contained various events to keep participants occupied. These ranged from a cancer survivors lap to a "Miss Relay Pageant" where brave guy volunteers put on a dress in order to "impress" the crowd. And to answer your question, I did not participate in the pageant, way too much for me.

As great of an experience this event was for me, I am more than relieved that it is finally over. I tend to do this thing where I want everything to go "perfectly" and end up overworking myself. But thats just how I am about everything. I had a great time and I really learned alot from doing Relay. I had the opportunity to be in charge of over 100 people, in an event that requires team work and cooperation by all.

But to better show my experience, I included some pictures below:


This was our fundraising table at the actual Relay. We sold baked goods made by the sisters of Alpha Phi. Throughout the entire fundraiser we were battling the wind as it tried to destroy our entire set up (if you couldn’t notice by the disarray of the treats).


This was the view from walking the track. The small white bags that lined the track are "Luminarias." Each bag represents a donation made on behalf of someone who lost their life to cancer. They have a ceremony at 10 pm to honor every person remembered.


The view from our fundraising table (at 2 AM). The fundraising tables were set-up to the side of the track where participants could take a break and "shop" for various items such as baked goods, grilled cheese and root beer floats.


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thanks for the post. do you know of any similar sources to find out more on this subject?


Hmm, if referring to other blog posts and experiences about Relay for Life, I dont really know where to refer you too.

But in case you havent heard of it, you should check out relayforlife.org. It has alot of information about how the event is run and it can help you find an event near you. It gives you all the tools to donate or start a team and fundraise. I really reccommend checking it out!

hope that helps

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