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Finishing Strong

Honestly, thinking that tomorrow is the "last" day of school for the year is a hard thought for me to handle. When I say "last," I am not counting the two wonderful weeks of oncoming exams, but you get my point. And by “hard to handle,” I mean it’s hard to believe that I'm almost a sophomore. My freshman experience is nearly over and it’s a very sad thought.

One of the hardest and most meaningful things from the past couple weeks occurred tonight, at our chapters’ send-off to the graduating seniors. Essentially our seniors are remembered and honored and many stories and great times are shared with each other. Over the past year, all of these guys have become my role models; whether in the classroom, with leadership or in life. This year has made all the difference in the rest of my college career. If I was standing in the same spot I was at orientation last year, I couldn’t have imagined doing half the things I do now. I owe a lot to the friendships and bonds I've made through being a brother.

If you had known anything about me before college, you would know that I did what was asked of me and that was essentially it. Leadership in any form just wasn't my thing. Now it's something I strive for because these seniors helped me to realize I can do it. I owe a lot of it to coming to Case and a little to bravery on my part in joining an organization like SigEp.

Some things I have to look forward to coming up include: being here for the month of June. I'm continuing the same research job I've been doing all semester. Getting paid is going to make it even better! Next semester I am also going to be a SMARRT leader. This entails presenting to a Greek chapter different than your own about an important issue on campus. The topic I was assigned to was sexual assault where the victims are men. One of the perks of this program is that I finally am going to have a chance to improve my public speaking skills. More than anything else, however, I'm looking forward to getting to spend some time with my family and friends back home before I come back to Case. As much as I like it here at Case, I always love to get a chance to go home from time to time.

For now, it's time to get myself together and make it through exams. Especially considering I still have a paper to write tonight...whoops!


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Hope you finished that paper strong Alex :)



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