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May 03, 2010

Jesse Xu: Wise Words From the Panda

Here is the next interview in my "series" (I know it's 5 weeks late). I chose to interview one of my brothers, Jesse Xu. He's a junior majoring in finance, as well as the RA of 4th floor Pierce. Enjoy.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog. As the year comes to a close, I feel that I too have grown from constantly thinking about what to write every week (as corny as that may sound). Anyway, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach me via my school email address: kms161@case.edu. I'd be glad to answer your inquiries, whether they be deep and profound (like my blog of course), or small things that you're curious about.

Once again, thanks for reading my blog. I hope that you've enjoyed it and hopefully, it has helped give you a better view of what Case is like.

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The End...For Now.

The last week of finals. Also known as "the week I can least concentrate on the work I'm supposed to be doing." Two exams and a paper left, and I am home free. The weather is beautiful, I'm not really doing anything but studying, working, and hanging out with friends. Pretty awesome.

I must say, though, that finals week was almost a complete disaster. My computer crashed (again, I know) and was totally unrepairable...two days before I had to write a 5-page paper for Thursday and a 12-page paper for Friday. Oh dear.

So this, friends, is my advice for if your computer conks out on you while you're at school, and you are left in high stress mode.

1) Take it to ITS. These guys will help you figure things out as best they can, and hopefully fix it for you so that you can get back to doing work really quickly. Unless they are at a loss for fixing it in which case…

2) Call the manufacturer. I have a Dell, and sadly for me, the thing breaks like every five minutes. However, if you buy a computer through Case's store, the warranty is something along the lines of 3 years and it comes with all the software you need so you don't have to buy it yourself. Unfortunately, I didn't buy mine through the eStore and my warranty is almost up. Thankfully I still have something like 30 days left on it and I'll be able to get it fixed.

3) Borrow a computer from a friend...if that's possible. Since it's finals week, nobody could afford to give me their computer until mine got fixed (we determined it's probably a memory issue so I have to ship it to Dell), but thankfully I have a relative who had a loaner laptop which I am currently typing from.

4) If all else fails, go to KSL. The Kelvin Smith Library has a bunch of computers for public use, and if you really have no other way to type your paper, hole up in there for a while and hopefully the studious atmosphere will motivate you.

5) Don't panic. If you absolutely have no chance of finishing on time because of computer issues, your professor will probably be willing to give you a slight extension. Don't expect too much from them, though, because remember that they have to grade these by a certain date and have them ready so your semester grade can be finalized.

Anyway, now that the semester is almost over and I'm ready to kick off an amazing summer, I'd just like to say that it has been an awesome year. It's totally unbelievable to me that I'm already 1/4th of the way through undergrad...when did I grow up?! It has also been a pleasure writing for you guys, and I hope my posts have been useful...and I hope to see you around campus next year!

Wishing you all the best,

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May 02, 2010

Advice for the Class of 2014

What I have for everyone this week is a little advice about what to do after deciding on going to Case. I figure at this point, the majority, if not everyone has made up their mind on what they are doing next year and where they are going to school. My goal for this blog is to try and give some advice and insights from personal experience.

My first piece of advice is regarding what to do this summer. Assuming things haven't changed dramatically over the past year, every new student has to complete a new student checklist of sorts. In my opinion, it is very important to jump on doing that as soon as possible and not put it off. The reason I say this is a lot of the items on the list have deadlines, and if you wait too long you might not be happy with what you get. It also helped a ton that my dad motivated me by saying I could get my laptop for school as soon as I completed my part of the checklist. Obviously I did everything as fast as possible.

One of the more important ones to get out of the way early is signing up for your orientation session. For my class, there was a total of four orientation sessions. Three took place during the summer at separate times and the fourth takes place the three days before the official move-in. The fourth one usually fills up the fastest, as it is the most convenient for many of the people that do not live close to Cleveland. Therefore if you want a say in what session you get, I recommend signing up as soon as possible. Now a little bit about my orientation experience. I think of orientation as a great time to get to know Case Western Reserve University's campus and develop some navigation skills from Leutner to Fribley (the two dining halls on campus). My orientation experience did not start nearly as well as I was hoping. My family and I were late on getting here for check-in so I was late for meeting up with my assigned group. Therefore, they left without me and I had the pleasure of being placed in a group with 15 girls, no guys. Not what I was planning on at all, but it worked out okay. At this point now, I haven’t kept up with many of the people I've met during orientation. It's not that they are bad people;, we just went our separate ways with friends when we arrived on campus. My suggestions for orientation are try your best to build some friendships up for when you come to Case in the fall, but don’t be upset if things do not work out the way you planned. I didn’t have a very good orientation experience, and some of my friends here loved orientation. Now after being here for a year, I feel it hasn’t hindered my college experience at all. So what to take from this is, don’t worry about it if you don’t meet anyone you like during orientation, you only are interacting within a very small part of the incoming freshman class. You will find people you like at a later date.

The next big, and probably most important, freshman experience at Case is Welcome Days. I say this because it is the first big step in officially moving away from home and becoming independent. It's the first time you will probably meet your roommate face-to-face and get to know the people living around you. Case does a great job facilitating programs in order to allow all freshman to get to know each other and get used to living away from home. For me this was hard because I've never been overly outgoing, and it was hard not knowing anybody from the get go. But I was lucky and got an awesome roommate that I still get along with very well.He helped me expand my horizons and meet new people. I think one thing you should remember when your trying to meet people in an environment like that is that everyone is just as confused/lost/scared as you are. They want to meet new people and build relationships, so do not be afraid to take a risk and be outgoing. Coming to a new place allows you to start over completely and remake yourself in anyway you wish. All you have to do is take advantage of the opportunity.

Other than that, just do your best to make the most of these experiences to meet people before actual classes start. Once everything gets going, social time definitely gets reduced. If for some reason this doesn't work out, don't worry, you will meet somebody, or they will meet you. Most importantly, get excited for a life changing experience!!!

I love questions, so if anything is confusing about the whole transition process, comment and I can give you my email.

Have a good summer!

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