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Hit The Ground Running

The same air terminal, the same flights, the same rapid, the same stop, but oh how different could Sophomore year be. I'm no longer asking where to go check in, but rather if the friends I made last year have moved in yet. As a sophomore, I have moved past the "roommate" and upgraded to the "suitemate." 6 of them to be exact: 3 guys, 3 girls, 1 bathroom. I have moved past that welcome week phase where the only sentence you really say is "Hi, my name is Kevin. What's your name... It's nice to meet you, [insert name here]" (and then promptly forget that person's name). I have moved past finding friends and my identity. I have moved to southside, top of the hill, up the elephant stairs that so many people despise. Most of all, I have moved up the social ladder of college into Sophomore year.
I've heard stories of it. A lot of people, especially nurses, say that this is the hardest year (8 hour clinicals a the Cleveland Clinic to say the least). It's the hill everyone has to climb. This hill is, of course, filled with decisions. More specifically, decisions about your major and whether or not you like it, love it, or hate it. This is the time where your classes start getting real. There's no more Freshmen Forgiveness (all freshmen can drop their class at any time during the school year and not get penalized for it), so you must be careful of what classes you sign up for. Any mistakes now, and it will be forever engraved into that singular sheet of paper that lists four years of your academic accomplishments (or failures). It's the time for you to buckle down, get your act together, and start working towards your future.
So, the first month came and went. My future was the last thing on my mind. I was more worried about having enough food in the suite for my midnight cravings (4 boxes of ramen and a $27 case of peach green tea did the trick), attending weekly executive meetings (Asian American Alliance), planning social mixers (Phi Kappa Psi), and looking for jobs (I work for SOURCE as a graphic designer now) than the first pharmacology exam, of which I got a C on. Great way to start off the semester eh? The thing was, I planned for these distractions. I enrolled myself in 13 credit hours, 1 more than the minimum required hours to be a full-time student. Yet, at the same time, I'm typing this post at 4AM in the morning, the day of my 30 minute presentation on Electrification for my SAGES (Technology in Society). What am I doing with my life you ask? I'm living it to the fullest while sacrificing my sleep and my sanity.
And that is what makes Sophomore year different. You hit the ground running and you don't stop. You don't have to use your time looking for friends, majors, clubs because you already have them. Most of all, you've already built that foundation of who you are on campus: the things you're affiliated with, the reputation amongst your friends, the study habits and the grades you normally get. You've taken a year to realize who you are, and now it's time to worry about accomplishing your goals and working towards the future.


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