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On Growing Up and Responsibility

The realization that I will be a teenager for only another four short months really sank in with coming back to Case this fall. Having the opportunity to watch the new incoming freshman get settled and acclimated to college life, created quite the feeling of nostalgia. The adjustment to life away from home, combined with a new arsenal of friends and a course load to die for (hopefully not literally) creates memories that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Round two, or sophomore year, is very similar, yet much different at the same time. Similar to the extent that I still keep the busy from sunrise to sunset schedule I carried last year. Maybe this isn’t everyone, but generally that’s how I conduct my everyday life here at Case. My friends from the year haven’t changed, if you don’t count the new acquaintances from this year. However, there is a lot that has changed. For example, responsibility comes with age, and well, I’m now older. I’m not saying it’s necessary to give up fun, however balancing everything is more important than ever. It’s a challenge and I’m embracing it. It’s a pretty cool feeling knowing you’re growing up.

I strongly believe Case facilitates maturity to a whole new level. I have little to compare to, Case is the only university I have ever attended, but I’ve kept up with many friends from high school. I am not taking away from the work that they do, but I strongly feel that Case Western challenges you to the limit. This process brings the best out of you as a student. So yes, even on the bad days, you can convince yourself it’s worth the effort. I also think by being challenged to the extent that we are, it forms stronger relationships with friends because you are sharing the same tough experiences.

In no way shape or form am I trying to turn anybody off of going to Case Western. Rather I look at it as a challenge to you as a prospective student. I say this as a student who has experienced Case for over a year. If your future is important to you (it sounds obvious, but I know many people that live for only the present), I highly recommend coming here; the challenge might just make you exceptional.


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Great post!




Well as I'm approaching age 52, I'm intrigued at the notion of knowing that you're growing up because that hasn't yet happened for me!

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