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Don't Stop Till' You Drop

So remember last week when I said you hit the ground running? Yeah, I'm not stopping. This weekend was Taste of Asia, Asian American Alliance's benefit dinner. As part of the executive board, I was responsible for getting up at 9:00AM to help start setting up for the event. For the most part, I was holed up in a meeting room putting together a short video to play during dinner. This movie was supposed to introduce the theme of AAA, so obviously it was ... kind of important. With my luck, right when I was supposed to show it, my laptop freezes and shortly thereafter, decides to not save my project. 15 minutes of frenzied working and a sweat-drenched dress shirt, I came out with the same movie, just not as well made as I initially intended. I've never been so stressed in my life. I could honestly feel my chest trying to jump out of my rib cage (which, after studying till 4AM for my pharmacology test, I realized was a sign of a panic attackā€¦ oh how nursing rules my life now).

Overall, the night was a success. The event sold out for the first time in three years. We raised almost $300 just from the donations during the event. Barely any food was left over (one of the main indicators that the night went well), and the audience throughly enjoyed our emcee as well as our performers, another aspect of Taste of Asia that usually doesn't always go too well.

As this week goes on, I can't help but think that I was a part of a group that held a dinner for 300 students. I helped raise $500 for dance marathon, and I found out that I don't handle stress too well. Nonetheless, holding this event was an amazing experience, and I doubt I would've had this opportunity anywhere else. Until next next semester: AAA Night.



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