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The Social Life

I've always wanted to be on the "in." I was never part of that group in high school, and I would always be jealous when I saw Facebook photos of events that I wasn't invited to. As I look back, I realized that it wasn't because I was a loner, or because I didn't have friends. Rather, it was because I never took the initiative to make things happen. As social chair, I now have the resources and the obligation to make sure that thing happen.

With that being said, I planned our annual pumpkin carving mixer with Alpha Chi Omega which took place last week. We held it on their front lawn, and it was definitely a site to see: forty or so college kids huddled over pumpkins with scraps of paper and pumpkin flying all over the place. It began with a somewhat traditional paring process. I asked all the brothers to bring ties and toss them into a bag. The girls were then assigned to pick a tie out of the bag and match it with it's owner. After that, it was to the tables to begin carving. I'm sure the event was quite entertaining for the multiple passerbys. Brothers were flinging pieces of excised pumpkin at each other while giving high-fives with hands covered in pumpkin-innards. It turned many heads of those that walked by the AXO house.

Last Friday was date party. Prior to coming to Case, I had no idea what this "date party" business was. It's basically a date with a lot of people. I planned our date party to be held at "7 floors of hell," one of Cleveland's more popular haunted houses. 17 couples went and (from what I've been told) had a wonderful time. Each house was themed differently. It varied from the "mental ward" to the "gas chamber" and in each house, the girl most often clung to the guy in fear. That was probably the best way to break the ice between the dates and, in most cases, worked like a charm. After a plethora of screams and stretched clothing (from the clinging), we all headed over to a local steak n' shake where we enjoyed a nice fast food meal and warming conversation.

It's funny how I run for the position that requires the most "people skill" even though I knew it was the one thing that I lacked. However, after three months and two successful events later, I can safely say that I've slowly, but surely, expanded that comfort bubble of mine so that it can now accommodate more. And to be honest, I think that's what being greek is all about. You expose yourself to so many different people all the time that you grow with every single interaction.




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