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Rush is awesome. Not only do we get to spend $4000 on random people, but for the first two weeks of every semester, you get to indulge on free food and free events with pretty awesome people. Everyone becomes surprisingly social and the campus seems to grow livelier despite the 10 degree weather. However, being a nursing major while working two jobs, you kind of have to stay in when everyone goes out. It’s not the best feeling in the world when you are responsible for being enthusiastic about all the events in your Facebook messages (that’s my job as Public Relation’s Chair) when you know that you’ll have to spend the rest of the night reading about the immune system. Yes, I live a sad, sad life, but the thing that I took from this situation is the importance of priorities. Of course different people have different priorities, but I always focus on my grades. I’m attending (and not to mention paying for) one of the top universities in the nation, so I better make the most of it. My fraternity is important to me, but not as important as my grades, which is why I plan on staying in when my other fraternity brothers will be passing out bids to the men that we want in our fraternity. There will always be more rushes, but there will always be one GPA. Call me a party pooper, but I definitely value my education at Case.

On the flip-side, there will be people who will choose social events over academics. There will be people who go out clubbing on Thursday nights at Barroom, and there will be people pulling all-nighters in the study rooms. My point is Case is a place where you will find your niche no matter what the situation. You can set your own priorities and find people who have similar view and values.


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