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April 18, 2011

Where in the World

So before chapter today, one of my friends told me that there were 15 people from California. I was like, how did you know that?!?!?!

Apparently, there’s a website that Case has that tracks where everyone is from. You can find it by going to case.edu and searching for “Where in the World 2015” or, if you’re lazy, click on this link. I was mind blown! Since I’m from pretty far away, I’m always on the lookout from people near my hometown on the off chance that we have mutual friends.

Any who, why is this important for you as a Freshmen? Well, it’s that time of the year to go online and start selecting where you live and who you live with. I resorted to the Facebook group by filling out a brief questionnaire and looking at other potential roommates. But that was when I didn’t know about this awesome website. Now, you can look on the map, see who is near you, and message them to see if you can meet up over a cup of coffee and see if you would want to room together. Well that’s what I would have done if I knew this existed.

But yeah.. Class of 2015 you guys should be pumped! Orientation is just around the corner, and you’re going to be here before you know it. Orientation and welcome days are probably the best days you’ll remember from your freshmen year. You’ll meet more people than you can remember, and the days will past in a heartbeat. Cherish the time you have now because once you set foot in college, life will seem to be on steroids, and you’ll be in a graduation cap and gown before you know it.

If you're still unsure about coming to Case, here are a few photos to familiarize yourself with the campus. I also highly encourage you to plan an overnight stay. There's one left: April 21-22nd. Go to http://admission.case.edu/visit/options.aspx to schedule it.

Top of the Hill: South Residential Village (click for a higher-resolution photo)

Church of the Covenant

Kelvin Smith Library

First Floor: KSL

Top of the Hill: Entrance to the "Elephant Stairs"

The View From the Top of the Hill

The campus is actually quite pretty during sunset, but don't take my words (or photos for that matter) for it. Come experience it for yourself!

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April 11, 2011

On Motivation

As we enter the final two weeks of class, my brain has more or less turned to mush. For the next two weeks, I have two final papers to complete, three exams, and a whole bunch of other things to do. This is all before studying for finals, and definitely before the wonderful amazing summer break that pretty much needs to happen immediately. I came to the realization that I had hit a brick wall in my motivation when I reveled in the fact that it was 75 degrees and sunny in Cleveland yesterday by doing a grand total of absolutely no homework. Yeah. Productive weekend, you might say.

It's a fair expectation that everyone will suffer from a little bit of burnout eventually. Students at CWRU are notorious for being awesomely overinvolved, often to the point of sleepless nights and jam-packed days. For many of us, this kind of scheduling offers an adrenaline rush that can only come with doing things you like, doing them well, and doing them with great people. Every now and again, we even like the things that drive us nuts (super difficult classes or extracurriculars that ask more than we expected, etc.) because getting through them proves to us that we can survive and come out better for it.

Eventually, though, there comes a point when intrinsic motivation runs out. You know you need to complete X, Y, and Z because you want the good grade, but the study schedule you stuck to for the first couple months of the semester has fallen through and you've resorted to doing only the work that needs to be done tomorrow. This is a slump I am all too familiar with. I haven't quite figured out how to master the slump yet. But a few things do keep me on track.

The first is reminding myself why I'm doing the things I'm doing. If it's schoolwork, I remind myself that I really want to get into a Senior Year Professional Studies program and finish a Master's in five years. It's a big dream, and it keeps me pushing even when I don't think I have it left in me to push.

The second is reevaluating the extra stuff. I love my extracurriculars. Nine days out of ten they keep me from going crazy. They give me something besides papers to write, info to burn into my brain, and projects to complete. I appreciate them because they're fun; let me do things purely for the sake of doing them. At the same time, every now and then I get in over my head. When I take on too many leadership roles, I have to step back and ask myself why I'm doing each activity. If something has lost its luster for me, I know I have to cut it out. It can be hard when it means explaining to friends or giving up hobbies I used to love, but there comes a time to focus on what's important for the long term.

Finally, I really have come to appreciate relying on friends for accountability. It's a two-way street: I remind them to get working on their poster, they remind me that I have a paper due in week. I let them know that the notes are up for a class, and they give me times they're available for studying together. This has gotten better with time as I know more people in my classes and I build friendships that help us both keep school in mind.

It can be tough to find motivation, especially when you know that the next week or two is all that's standing between you and a few months of freedom. Hopefully, though, it will be enough to remind yourself why you're here, and you will be able to look back with pride on the work you did, even when it was tough.

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Top 5 Reasons to Come to Case for Health Sciences

If you’re a health science major, there are 5 main reasons why you should consider coming to Case (WITH PHOTOS!)

As the deadline to enroll (May 1st) quickly approaches, most students have to start thinking about which university they’re going to spend their next four years of academics to. For me, it was quite easy. I already had my eyes set on being a health science major (specifically nursing) and I only had to choose between 4 schools. Through some research, I found out that of the four schools, Case had the best nursing program, not to mention the close proximity to one of the best hospitals in the nation. So, I was thinking, what better way to tell others about the perks of being a health science major at Case than to list them out... With photos!
1. Lots of unique opportunities to work in world-renowned facilities such as the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, whether it be research or practice. Plenty of opportunities also exist to shadow professionals.


Click on the image to have a closer look!

2. Case’s main health science disciplines: Medicine and Nursing are all ranked very highly among graduate schools. Coming here for undergrad give you the unique opportunity to get acquainted with professors as well as the program.

Frances Payne Bolton: Ranked 4th among private universities

Case School of Medicine: Ranked 22nd

3. Case has many pre-professional programs that allow students to be directly admitted to one of Case’s many professional schools upon admission into the program.

4. There’s a lot of money students can get for research, an important aspect for admission into a graduate program.

Intersections: a poster symposium of research projects held by SOURCE: support of undergraduate research and creative endeavors. They fund undergraduate research projects.

5. Study space: Health Science majors get exclusive access to the Health Center library and Allen memorial Medical library.
Read more here: http://www.case.edu/chsl/library/index.html

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April 04, 2011

Greek Week! and The Orientation Leader Fever

Hello again, blog world! April is rearing it's fabulously busy head once again and I am just coming off the no-sleep-week that is Greek Week, so bear with me if I'm a little woozy. Lots of exciting things are happening and I'm just trying to get my bearings!

As I mentioned, this past week was Greek Week, and I was so proud not only of my own chapter, but to be Greek. The unity, sportsmanship, and general fun and awesomeness that happens every year is one of my very favorite things about the Greek community. It was awesome to place in events like Greek Sing, Banner, and Rope Pull, and even more wonderful to cheer on all the incredible men and women who worked so hard for this week.

Speaking of Rope Pull, we took third place! It's been a great season, with injuries, jokes, nicknames, a whole lot of squat jumps, some new friendships made and old ones strengthened. I love Pull. So much. I can't wait until next year when hopefully I'll be a captain and lead my team to victory! But that's another story.

I'm also delighted to announce that I am an Orientation Leader for the Summer of 2011! I am so so excited to meet the class of 2015 and welcome them to CWRU, and also to make new friends in the Orientation family. Contract signing was on Friday, and the first training session is this weekend. I am so inspired by the amazing people on the OL team, and it really reminds me why I came to Case and why it's so phenomenal to be a Spartan.

So if you're coming to CWRU this fall, I just may see you in a couple months! I hope you're as excited as I am.

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