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Top 5 Reasons to Come to Case for Health Sciences

If you’re a health science major, there are 5 main reasons why you should consider coming to Case (WITH PHOTOS!)

As the deadline to enroll (May 1st) quickly approaches, most students have to start thinking about which university they’re going to spend their next four years of academics to. For me, it was quite easy. I already had my eyes set on being a health science major (specifically nursing) and I only had to choose between 4 schools. Through some research, I found out that of the four schools, Case had the best nursing program, not to mention the close proximity to one of the best hospitals in the nation. So, I was thinking, what better way to tell others about the perks of being a health science major at Case than to list them out... With photos!
1. Lots of unique opportunities to work in world-renowned facilities such as the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, whether it be research or practice. Plenty of opportunities also exist to shadow professionals.


Click on the image to have a closer look!

2. Case’s main health science disciplines: Medicine and Nursing are all ranked very highly among graduate schools. Coming here for undergrad give you the unique opportunity to get acquainted with professors as well as the program.

Frances Payne Bolton: Ranked 4th among private universities

Case School of Medicine: Ranked 22nd

3. Case has many pre-professional programs that allow students to be directly admitted to one of Case’s many professional schools upon admission into the program.

4. There’s a lot of money students can get for research, an important aspect for admission into a graduate program.

Intersections: a poster symposium of research projects held by SOURCE: support of undergraduate research and creative endeavors. They fund undergraduate research projects.

5. Study space: Health Science majors get exclusive access to the Health Center library and Allen memorial Medical library.
Read more here: http://www.case.edu/chsl/library/index.html

Jesse Xu: Wise Words From the Panda

Here is the next interview in my "series" (I know it's 5 weeks late). I chose to interview one of my brothers, Jesse Xu. He's a junior majoring in finance, as well as the RA of 4th floor Pierce. Enjoy.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog. As the year comes to a close, I feel that I too have grown from constantly thinking about what to write every week (as corny as that may sound). Anyway, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach me via my school email address: kms161@case.edu. I'd be glad to answer your inquiries, whether they be deep and profound (like my blog of course), or small things that you're curious about.

Once again, thanks for reading my blog. I hope that you've enjoyed it and hopefully, it has helped give you a better view of what Case is like.

A Day in the Life of... Me

Before I came to college, I always wondered how college kids went throughout their days. That's what inspired me to show just exactly what constitutes a day in the life of a college kid, or more specifically, a nursing major at Case.

9:44 AM: I start off my day to the bright sun shining through my window blinds (a nice treat every now and then). Here's a general view of my side of the room. Excuse me for my messiness. Finals week is coming up and cleaning my room is pretty much on the bottom of my to do list.

After I get ready to head off for another wonderful day of learning, I head over to Leutner, our dining facility. The two-minute walk proved to be extremely refreshing as the trees and flowers are in full bloom. Thank you spring, I've waited too long for you.

10:03AM: Breakfast: English muffin, a side of ketchup, and a nice cold-glass of orange juice. The north dining facility is actually under construction. If you're lucky enough, this will be all brand-new next year.

10:19AM: The walk to class: On your right hand side, you can see the Peter B. Lewis building. Made possible by a donation from Peter B. Lewis, it is where the majority of the business classes are held. I regret not exploring the building earlier as they have a very nice dimly-lit lower level which is wonderful for studying.

10:30AM: Ah.. yes... Class. NURS 122. The lecture component where we learn about various assessment skills. Today, we learned about the eyes, ears, nose, and throat: how to examine each one, features to pay attention to, and how to identify what we see when we peer into these bodily-caverns. I must say, the lecture covered a lot of information, yet the material that we learned was extremely interesting. Classmates are just starting to trickle in. As a nursing major, the majority of your lectures will be held in large rooms like these.

11:26AM: The walk back. TULIPS! Did I mention how much I love spring?

12:01PM: Studying. Much of the time you spend away from class is spent eating, sleeping, or doing homework. I chose to utilize my time doing the latter with my classmate Kayla in the Taft common room. Each dorm has a common room that allows people to congregate, do homework, have a nice coffee conversation, or just hang out.

12:28PM: Leutner round 2. Is that sushi I see? Leutner offers a wide variety of foods. On Monday and Wednesday's, Leutner provides a sushi lunch for students. Lunch at Leutner is also a nice time to catch up with your friends who don't have any classes with you.

12:56PM: The walk to the quad. Here are some photos I snapped while walking towards the quad. You'll be very accustomed to these sights as the path I took is the fastest way to the quad besides taking a Greenie.

Mather Quad: The "statue" which is actually a fountain, sometimes has water flowing from the top during the Fall. In the Spring, it becomes a nice place to hold class. I have yet to have class there though.

KSL: Kelvin Smith Library: The main library on campus. The library has 4 floors. Every single floor has a study area which makes KSL the place to go during finals week or a sanctuary from your music-blasting roommate. Whatever floats your boat.

Adelbert-Quad Entrance: You'll enter the quad from this walkway which is cleverly designed showing lines of binary. As a nursing major, it took me a while to figure that out.

Quad: Rockefeller, Bingham, Strosaker, Crawford, and the list goes on... Here's where the majority of your classes will be if you're a science major. Also located here is Yost (where you pick up your pay checks), Tomlinson (Subway), Sears (Grab-it), and Nord (Einstein's Bagels).

1:06PM: Work. Yes you heard me right... work. I work for the Office of Research and Development as an Office Assistant. My current project is to design, print, and stuff name badges for Research ShowCASE, one of the largest academic events held on campus. People come and essentially show off their research projects. This year, we had around 400 presenters. By the way, this is my cubicle (it's not as awesome as it seems).

4:00PM: SOCI 203, Human Development. This is one of my harder classes. We're assigned 10-20 page readings every other day. Useful? ehh... Interesting? Most of the time. I can, however, relate a lot of what we learn in this class to our daily lives and the social phenomenon that we often fail to see.

5:00PM: USSY 285Z: The Ubiquitous Frankenstein. This is the SAGES class I'm taking this year. SAGES, if you haven't heard already, is Case's equivalent of an English class. In my SAGES class, we learned about the original Frankenstein, and how the name shifted from creator to creature (I think that's the gist of the class). This is one of the most interesting classes I've ever had the pleasure of being enrolled in. Today, we are giving presentations on our final paper. The prompt: Write a 10 page research paper on Frankenstein.

6:18PM: The walk back. After a good 5 hours on the quad, the sight of Severance Hall is welcoming. Severance Hall is home to the Cleveland Orchestra, one of the "Big Five" prominent and accomplished ensembles of the U.S. As a Case student, you can get discounted tickets to the concerts.

6:34PM: Dinner; Underneath Leutner is L3: Lower Level Leutner (clever right?). Here, instead of a buffet style, you can order specific entrees from the menu. Personal favorites include their grilled chicken cesear salad wrap, chicken quesidillas, and their philly cheesesteak (which is apparently discontinued-- sorry if I got your hopes up). L3 is often quicker than sitting down and dining in Leutner as you can get your meal to go.

7:23PM: Homework. Sometimes, I head over to Wade Commons to get my studying done. It's located in the middle of the freshmen dorms. There, you can print, pick up packages, get replacement keys and what-not. These study rooms are an awesome place to meet for group projects. Groups can also reserve these rooms for their meetings and practices.

And it was here that I stayed until 1:00 in the morning.

So that's it, a day in my life from my perspective.
(As a little disclaimer: You'll notice there's hardly anyone in my photos. It's not because Case is deserted or anything like that. It's mainly because I go/come from the quad at really odd times. At the time these photos were taken, the majority of people are usually in class or already back at the residential villages.)

Questions? Need me to elaborate on my classes? Leave a comment! I'll blog about it.

Chips, salsa and scholarships

Many of us in the office are big Chipotle fans anyway, but today we had a great reason to celebrate its burrito goodness.

Today, Chipotle is donating 100% of its day’s sales (up to $35,000) to Cleveland Scholarship Programs, Inc., the oldest, largest and most respected college access program in the United States.

So for lunch, a bunch of us from undergraduate admission, along with our friends from the financial aid office, got together for a Chipotle feast. Here's a photo of one of the lunch groups:


It was delicious.