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Interview Addiction

It's almost spring time. How can you tell? When people have the guts to wear shirts, shorts, and flip-flops to class. Why do I say guts? Well the weather can turn on you pretty quickly: On Monday it was 50 or so degrees. Next thing you know, you look outside and it's precipitating. No not rain, but snow. Yes snow. With snow come cold temperatures and so on and so forth. Anywho… spring time.

Spring time is all about wonderful scenery, seasonal allergies, and of course… college admissions. Fear not, if you're reading this blog, that means you've considered coming to Case at one point or another (that or your parents forced you to browse every single inch of the website like mine did). Therefore, I can say the following: come and visit. I am pleased to say that others are taking my advice. Everyday, I see a tour group wandering the quad, or Thwing, or the library, or the dorms, and I'm DYING for someone to ask me how I like Case. Why? Because I want to shower them with every single reason why I decided to move from the land of perpetual sunshine to the land of unpredictable weather (I must say that when it's sunny here, you not only produce ten-times the amount of vitamin D, but you feel happy, and everyone else feels happy. I promise I'm not lying).

I feel like you guys know about my life to a certain extent, so telling you what I would say to the prospective students (prospies as we call them) would probably be redundant. THEREFORE, I have decided to tap into my bountiful reserves of friends (another thing you develop at Case) and interview a different person every week so 1) they get the fame they've been craving as I've been told my blog is extremely popular to read and make fun of… and 2) so you, the reader, can get to know the story of people you see walking around on campus; why they decided to come to Case, and the university through their eyes.