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March 17, 2005

The Nord Lab

I was in the nord computer lab today for the first time since spring break and I must say that the new setup is pretty sweet. Good work on the part of everyone involved. It already seems to be cutting down on the number of people printing redonculous amounts of slides. I do have two question though, does anyone know if its possible to remotely mount one's N: drive to their dorm pc and are the nfs drivers present such that it would allow mounting one's EECS UNIX home directory at the lab?

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March 14, 2005

My Summer Internship!

I finally got that internship I was looking for. I'll be spending the summer as an hardware engineering intern for Improv Systems makers of the Customizable Jazz DSP(tm). Whoohoo!

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March 08, 2005

My 2.0 impressions

I tried out an 2 pre-release today and I like it a lot better than 1.1. If I understand properly it uses pluggable widgets. For me this means that it finally looks like a real Gnome application (screen shot below). For Windows users, I think it looks natives on windows as well. See these screen shots at The Register's preview. But under the hood it still seems like it's a gianormous mess. It still is a slow loader and slow program in general. It still takes up a metric ton of disk space. I didn't install all the options and it's still eating 198 MB of disk space for me, though the core it self was 192 MB so the rest of the other options wont add on that much more. Now when in an era where people seem love to complain about having to install a few gnome-libraries for AbiWord and Gnumeric, it seems absurd for 192 MB to be acceptable.

Obligatory Screenshot
Obligatory Screen Shot

I didn't try building it but I'm guessing that like 1.1 it will take at least half a gig of ram to even build, let alone build quickly. This might not matter to most people but I love taking advantage of the openness of my software. I like to build it myself with a few special patches or some non-standard options. For instance, I like the spelling libs for spellbound built into my Firefox.

So I guess until OO.o gets slimmer and a lot quicker I'm going to stick with Gnome Office. Even if the tide has long since turned for OO.o. Some times I wonder how awesome Gnome Office would be if it had the major corporate backing that OO.o gets. It seems like the the Open Source Community seems to like to throw away their own solutions for the big PR dance with some megacorp. People made a huge deal over the Bitstream Vera fonts when most distributions still don't ship with the free Dustismo fonts.

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