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June 26, 2005

Batman and Galapgos

I finished reading Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns as well as Kurt Vonnegut's Galapagos.

As far as the Dark Night goes, I question Miller's portrayal of Superman. I'll admit I never ready any Superman comics and can't even point out any difference between pre and post-crisis Superman, however I did watch alot of the animated series and also know some of the basics. In the Superman TAS three part episode "The Last Son of Krypton" Jor-El defied Brainiac and the government of Krypton. Also, Superman could have been the king of Earth or at least made a good attempt at it but instead chooses to use his powers for benevolence. I also find it interesting that Bruce calls Superman Clark and not Kal.

This was a double Batman week for me because I also saw Batman Begins. I liked it better than all the other Batman movies I've seen execpt for maybe the 1989 movie because I haven't seen that in a while. Though I question Bruce Wayne's desire to hang out in the prision just to beat up criminals.

There is also a new Batman animated series The Batman. I think it is really subpar. I watched their manbat story and it wasn't as good as Batman TAS's manbat story. I also think that Rino Romano (Tuxedo Mask) isn't nearly as good as Kevin Conroy.

As far as Galapagos goes I didn't like it as much as Cat's Cradle and Player Piano or even Slaughterhouse-Five and Sirens of Titan. It was still pretty good but I was just a little disappointed. I also found the lack of a Delta Upsilon reference unfortunate.

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