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June 29, 2005

Domain Dilemma

My domain name comes up for renewal every June, and almost every year I transfer it. Last year I had transferred it to MyDomain.com because I was using their free DNS and wanted to give them my business. Shortly there after they overhauled their site and offerings and there name servers started to suck so I changed name servers to zoneedit. Now that I have no obligation to be their customer, I decided to switch to save a few cents and get away from their obnoxious HTML e-mails. Based on a recommendation of one of my mother's cousins, I chose GoDaddy.com. Well during the transfer my domain expired. The first godaddy customer service employee I e-mailed said:

"This may cause a problem. If your current registrar locks your domain name at the expiration date, we would not be able to transfer it"

but continued:

"NOTE: A request to transfer [domain] has been submitted to the domain's Registry. The Registry will contact the current Registrar to make a final verification of the transfer. At present we are waiting on them to respond to this request. Some Registrars will try to verify requests of this kind before accepting them. Be sure to respond to any correspondence from your current Registrar in a timely manner or they may hold the domain. However, if the Registrar does not respond for a period of 5-7 days, the Registry will release the domain to us. This is what happens with many Registrars, so it may be a few days before the transfer is complete. Once Go Daddy has been informed of the outcome we will let you know."

This second passage led me to wait a few more days until the domain expired where I e-mailed them again and this time I was told "If the domain name in question has already expired, the transfer in question will most likely not complete." And of course at the bottom of all of these e-mails godaddy has the audacity to try to pimp their other services to their already frustrated customers. I was also told I can't cancel the transfer "due to the status that the domain name is currently in, we will have to wait for the domain transfer to either complete or fail." Meanwhile this transfer request seems to be blocking me from renewing at the previous registrar. I can already see that I'm going to be forced to buy the domain out of redemption from the old registrar for over $100, sigh.

I guess the moral of the story is renew/transfer wll in advance. After I shell out to rescue my domain, I'll be looking to get away from both of these clowns, any suggestions?

Addendum: I got an e-mail from GoDaddy today saying that the transfer was successful.

Posted by ajc30 at June 29, 2005 06:38 PM

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Two of my friends and I use 1and1 for all of my domains, along with their Exchange service for my email. I have been very pleased both with their prices, their phone responsiveness, and their technical offerings.

Posted by: Aaron Shaffer at June 29, 2005 10:11 PM

I use EasyDNS, not cheap, but it's the best.

Posted by: csh11 at July 10, 2005 08:38 PM

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