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July 03, 2005

Gis + Google Maps = Wiki Fun

Gis + Google Maps = A map front end to your favorite wiki

It's so obvious... use the Google Maps API to with a GIS enabled Wiki to make the map a way to get to location wiki pages. I made a little proof of concept with the Case Wiki and the Case Quad.

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July 01, 2005

Bug Report for the Month of June 2005

I slacked off a little this month. Also this only includes bugs from public bug tracking systems, i.e. not work.

Bug Report for the Month of June 2005
BTS ID Date Filed Summary Status Comments
Ubuntu 7454 2005-03-11 About Ubuntu (from gnome panel) missing a section title RESOLVED FIXED Fixed in June
Ubuntu 11516 2005-06-05 replace debian package search with ubuntu package search NEW
GNOME 307398 2005-06-12 blank IMAP warning messages RESOLVED FIXED Thanks NotZed
Mozilla 297869 2005-06-16 Objects slide on middle click NEW Try it on my main blog summary
Ubuntu 11918 2005-06-17 gdm has runtime dependency on ksh not reflected in package deps RESOLVED FIXED

Vim is real nice, but I really need some good visual XML/XSLT tools.

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