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October 16, 2005


Did anyone else think that the Dean Kamen lecture was incredibly poorly planned. Not only was it poorly advertised (I only heard about it via word of mouth) but I class was scheduled to end 10 minutes fore the lecture was scheduled to begin. Does that seem crazy to anyone else?

While we're at it would anyone have rather seen him bust open a Segway and talk about closed loop control. It seems like we always get these really brilliant people to come in and just let them go to waste talking about broad concepts like innovation. (Stephen Hawking's lecture was pretty basic too.)

I really did enjoy Dean's comments about American society when talking about FIRST.

Does anyone else think that the Segway is a south pointing chariot. I remember when they first came out and everyone made a huge deal about how these were going to revolutionize city life. Years later, I still have never even seen one of these in person.

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October 05, 2005

Windows Genuine Pain in the Ass

Many people have noticed that to download most things from Microsoft these days you need to run the "Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool." Now on my computer anyway, the ActiveX version of the tool is successful but the standalone executable that I would run from say Firefox, fails miserably saying:

Code not available. The validation code could not be obtained. This may be due to technical difficulties, or you may be running an unsupported operating system. Please close this window and attempt the validation process again, or use the Back button in your Web browser to return to the download details page. [Error code: 0x8004026d]

Now my Windows hologram CD looks pretty legitimate and Microsoft gives now way to contact them in the error message. Good work Microsoft; way to lock out non-IE browsers.

I paid for windows I don't know why they are hassling me. I've never had to play this game with Linux.

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