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July 04, 2006

Bits and Bytes

I found two articles to follow up my previous post on Google's shortcomings. The first is a sixth grader's essay on why Google is great, and the second is a listing of webservices marketshares with commentary comparing Google to MSN.

I found some really sweet Facebook userscripts at facebookWithBenefits. The best are post2faceBook which adds a quick post feature and inYOfaceBook which magnifies user picture thumbnails on mouse over.

Mugshot for Windows still leaves a lot ot be desired. It ignores the users browser prefrence (probably to maintain the login session between the tray icon and the browser) and it only supports iTunes and YME. Digging into the source it looks like it uses two different sets of classes to abstract them.

I made some new mugshot and loudmouth packages for dapper as jdub's mugshot packages are now out of date and the dapper loudmout packages crash on the mugshot out of date notification.

The Gnome desktop has made steady progress lately but sometimes the developers seem so focused on visible changes that they forget about their backend stated goals. For instance they want to migrate from popt to GOption but the patch for gnome-terminal has been sitting for three months now.

They have already recognized patch rot as a barrier to participation. Patch rot means that patches are lees likely to cleanly apply and is also frustrating to patch writers. What they really need is a Patch Marshall to make sure that submitted patches either get accepted or denied in a reasonable amount of time.

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