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April 09, 2007

In honor of etch... new feisty backports

It's been a big day for Debian with the release of Etch and a new project leader being elected. In honor of these events I've made some bleeding edge backports from debian experimental, NEW, and unstable to Ubuntu feisty.

The packages:
* GNU Octave 2.9.10 (and related packages) - A MATLAB like tool for numerical computations
* linuxdcpp 0.0.1.cvs20070330 - a GTK+ port of DC++
* zzuf 0.8.1 - a tool for fuzzing input files to expose buffer overflows (written by the new DPL)
* audacity 1.3.2 - The beta release, this is built against gtk+ 2

All packages are available at http://filer.case.edu/ajc30/pub/debs/feisty/

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