June 22, 2006

What Google Can Learn From Other Web Services Providers

It seems that all the bloggers are crazy about all of Google's web services but alot of Google's specific services are outshined by their competitors. Here's a summary of their competitor's features that I use.

Customizable Home Page - Google really needs TV listings. Excite actually has the best TV listings, with local listings and a favorite show section that tells when your favorite shows will next be on and highlights them in Pink on the grid. My.Yahoo.com My Yahoo has decent TV listings and most of Google's features making it a decent compromise.

Maps - Windows Live Local has a high res closer zoom photo mode called "Bird's Eye". It shows these spiffy closer up photos of the area. It shouldn't be hard for Google to implement if they really want to as it seems to be based on USGS data. It also has close buttons on most of the UI features to maximize the map areas.

E-mail - GMail seems pretty sweet but for me to use it I need to ability to check an external mail account. When I used HoTMaiL I remember it supporting that feature. What I'd really like is the ability to properly import and export common mailbox formats. Yes, I've tried those G-Mail imports but none of them work well. Most are slow, unreliable, mess up timestamps, and don't tag based on folders. I'd also like the ability to cache my mail locally. Why should I lose access to my mail just because my net connection is out. But I don't think any other webmail services allow that.

Shopping - MySimon lets you select categories to make sure that when you sort by price you actually are seeing the item you want and not some accessory. It also lets you enter your zipcode to calculate shipping.

Calculator - Let's support bitwise operators like the Mozilla JavaScript Console.

Video - Make the TV Series sortable by episode number. Why would i want to watch a serial like Deep Space 9 in Alphabetical order? I'm pretty sure iTMS allows this.

That's it for now.

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June 14, 2006

My Ideal Portable Music Players

As I see the world become more and more iPod centric, I start to think about why i don't own own one. Mainly the feature set doesn't match what I want. So here's what I want to see from a portable player.

Must Have Features:

Would be nice:

Features that I have no desire to have:

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June 26, 2005

Batman and Galapgos

I finished reading Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns as well as Kurt Vonnegut's Galapagos.

As far as the Dark Night goes, I question Miller's portrayal of Superman. I'll admit I never ready any Superman comics and can't even point out any difference between pre and post-crisis Superman, however I did watch alot of the animated series and also know some of the basics. In the Superman TAS three part episode "The Last Son of Krypton" Jor-El defied Brainiac and the government of Krypton. Also, Superman could have been the king of Earth or at least made a good attempt at it but instead chooses to use his powers for benevolence. I also find it interesting that Bruce calls Superman Clark and not Kal.

This was a double Batman week for me because I also saw Batman Begins. I liked it better than all the other Batman movies I've seen execpt for maybe the 1989 movie because I haven't seen that in a while. Though I question Bruce Wayne's desire to hang out in the prision just to beat up criminals.

There is also a new Batman animated series The Batman. I think it is really subpar. I watched their manbat story and it wasn't as good as Batman TAS's manbat story. I also think that Rino Romano (Tuxedo Mask) isn't nearly as good as Kevin Conroy.

As far as Galapagos goes I didn't like it as much as Cat's Cradle and Player Piano or even Slaughterhouse-Five and Sirens of Titan. It was still pretty good but I was just a little disappointed. I also found the lack of a Delta Upsilon reference unfortunate.

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