January 11, 2006

In the Future There Will Be Robots

The future of the H.264 decoder that I worked on during the summer and over break looks ViViD.

Vivace Semiconductor

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January 04, 2006


I finally got a chance to start learning Verilog today. Working over break has paid off. Now if I can learn how to use the Synopsys tools, I'll be set.

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June 11, 2005

Update from Improv

I've kept from blogging much about my internship/co-op at Improv Systems because of my NDA but today I'm thrilled that my project has finally been checked into revsion control! I also found a link through Google News to a press release type story about our multi-media project with NS8. Lastly, I can tell you that the two projects aren't directly related.

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March 14, 2005

My Summer Internship!

I finally got that internship I was looking for. I'll be spending the summer as an hardware engineering intern for Improv Systems makers of the Customizable Jazz DSP(tm). Whoohoo!

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