Exploding Job Offers

During his visit to the class last week, Patrick Keebler brought up the interesting topic of “exploding offers.” Patrick summarized this term as referring to an offer, with a short due date, that a company gives to a prospective employee. Due to the allowable acceptance deadline occurring so soon after the initial offering date, such situations are considered as being very not ideal for the job seeker. While dealing with a short deadline, the prospective employee is forced to make a quick decision and is thus often rushed into accepting a sub par offer.
I view such an offer from two different perspectives. The first is in reference to a situation where I am not convinced as to my desire to work at the mentioned company. In such a situation, an “exploding offer” would seem very inopportune for me. Being forced to quickly make a very crucial decision would, more likely than not, push me towards making the safe choice. In a situation where the company was not a sure choice of mine, I would probably not accept the offer.
However, I view this as more of an opportunity if the company is one that I am greatly interested in. If a firm that is a top choice of mine provided me with an “exploding offer,” I believe that I would most likely accept it. Due to the short deadline of the proposal I would probably expect that the benefits provided with the package would likely be less than what I would ideally expect. However, it seems to me that a low end “exploding offer” could also act as a “doorway in” to the company. Although I may be seen as a less than perfect candidate, if given the opportunity to prove myself at a firm that is my top choice, I can always rise to the occasion and be quickly promoted to where I should be placed. This is to me a great alternative to not receiving an offer at all and not being given the chance to find my place within a firm.


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