The Learning Plan is Already Paying Off

Although I originally did not know what to expect from the Learning Plan, one specific idea has already come out of the process that has made writing the paper very rewarding. The raw nature of the project suggests that we, as authors, have to cover vast amounts of information and distill it into several cohesive pages of analysis. To me, several parts of the paper were simple reflections on ideas that we thoroughly had covered in class and thus, writing about those concepts was not a learning experience for me. These already covered topics included the analysis of the MSI and of the My Values exercise. However, while writing the paper according to the guidelines that we were provided with, I realized that when looking at myself from many different angles within a short timeframe, I can analyze my persona as a greater whole and in more detail.
Much of the assignment consisted of describing my strengths and weaknesses. As I listed the many attributes of my personality that I find to be beneficial, and those that are a hindrance, to my success in working situations, I was following much the same path as I had in previous exercises of a similar nature. I noted that my ability to work on large and varied projects is an asset and I also mentioned that my need for a strong work life balance with a constantly changing activity can be a weakness in certain situations.
Although the depiction of my strengths and weaknesses was still a process that I was used to, it greatly affected the way in which I approached the predictions of my future. When looking at my interview results and plotting out my career path, I realized that of the two professions that I was looking at, it clearly made sense for me to follow Managerial Consulting over Investment Banking. My strengths of looking at problems from many differing view points and of putting a large project together based on different subject matters pulled me towards consulting. Also, my inability to work well with a port work-life balance and my nature to become bored with an activity if the topic matter is not constantly changing meant that Investment Banking would highlight my weaknesses. Therefore, I am very glad that this assignment forced me to look at these several issues in a very compact format where all aspects of my persona had to be considered simultaneously.


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