Team Unity in the Second Year

The HR simulation process has been one of many ups and downs during which our team has been able to learn a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of every individual member. We found the first few weeks of the project to be a challenge not only from the perspective of working on a major assignment, but also because this was the first time that any of our group members had worked with each other. Slowly, but decisively, our group transformed itself into a team, as we all became comfortable with each other’s capabilities, work habits and schedules.
Although this process did not consist of a clearly outlined set of events, I do believe that the decision meeting for Quarter 5 of the simulation was the first time that our group of five fully began working as a team of five. The process of deciding on incident solutions and budgetary distribution became almost automated. Although we still had to sit down and discuss all possible options and their possible results, the role of every member was obvious and their duties were clearly defined.
Every week from then on, someone was responsible for organizing the budget and the decision sheet, someone for writing the quarterly report and a person for each of the remaining jobs. It was a terrific feeling to receive a budget form and a set of graphs via e-mail well in advance of when you planned to write up a quarterly report. More importantly, our entire team learned the standard of quality that we expected everyone to meet and we therefore were all comfortable with trusting each other’s work.
Due to this team unity really flourishing during Quarter 5, I found the second fiscal year for our company to be much more enjoyable. Although it seemed like our company’s progress had begun to stagnate, our team cohesion allowed us to further analyze our issues and to push past some of our most pertinent problems. Therefore, even though our team did not receive any award for our company’s performance, it was still a great experience to see the unity that formed amongst our unseasoned team.


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