Three Instructors

This semester we had opportunity to work with three instructors who took on three individual roles in the class. Prof. Powley was, obviously, the actual instructor for the course. Prof. Piderit acted as the seasoned advisor for the HR simulation and Meredith was a resource for every non HR related assignment. Although I was at first unsure about the prospects of having to deal with three persons throughout the semester, I found that this system allowed for many unique learning opportunities.
Prof. Powley was the regular lecturer for the course and an out of class advisor for anyone with questions. Although I never had the opportunity to work with Prof. Powley outside of the classroom, I felt that his teaching style, one of invoking class discussion and organizing small group communication, allowed for a much more interesting learning environment. I feel that this was particularly true because even though the class’s reading materials were informative, they often only showed a single perspective where as class discussion helped to reveal a wider array of possible view points.
Conversely, my exposure to Prof. Piderit was found much more often outside of the classroom. Dealing mostly with the HR simulations, my meetings with Prof. Piderit were particularly interesting because they often felt like a mutual learning experience. It was obvious that my knowledge of the project was inferior to hers, but it was also evident that certain issues that my team was dealing with were not initially clear to Prof. Piderit either. This one on one experience with Prof. Piderit proved to be a new one to me and I found it to be a very pleasant change.
Finally, one of the most interesting experiences in MGMT 250 has been my communication with Meredith. Although I only met with our TA on several occasions, it was astounding to me how helpful she was in explaining assignments and in working with me to develop my writing. My discussions with Meredith were always fun and engaging and she always seemed very sincere in her desire to help.
While not all the assignments that I worked on during this semester were ones that I fully enjoyed, I was at least always able to look foreword to not working on them alone and without any feedback. Therefore, the very hands on approach of the professors, and the TA, this semester made MGMT 250 a memorable experience.


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I'm glad that the experience was memorable.

One of the reasons I love being a professor is that I can learn from my students even as I am sharing what I know.

I look forward to working with you in MGMT 251.

-Prof. Piderit

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