Tom Mendola - Possible Solution

The class discussion pertaining to the Tom Mendola case resulted in an analysis of several possible solutions to the problems that the company was experiencing with Tom. Personally, I felt that the most reasonable solution would have been to fire the unreliable employee based on his inability to be productive as well as his negative influence on other employees. I found that most of the persons in our class shared my sentiments and that the general consensus amongst us was that Tom should be let go.
However, regardless of personal opinion, certain members of the class were forced to support the continuation of Tom’s employment at the company. Many reasons were discussed in reaction to this but few actually seemed to address the core problem. After looking at possible reasons for keeping Tom, the class then focused on how the employee could possibly be made to be more productive. Although the class was able to produce reasons for keeping Tom, it seemed to me that, in general, students were not as capable of figuring out the ‘how.’
I found that I was also unable to initially uncover a proper resolution for this problem but, after further thought, I decided that there was in fact a reasonable solution to this problem. The general downfall for Tom occurs after a month or so of work at which point he loses interest in his responsibilities. Therefore, as a means of both allowing Tom to stay motivated and to not waste the company’s money when he is not working diligently, I feel that a commission payment system would be appropriate for this situation.
If Tom was to be paid based on how much work he completes, there would be an obvious incentive for him to continue to work at a reasonable pace even after the initial period of interest elapses. In fact, a goal based system would make it possible for Tom to clearly see the fruits of his work and he might be willing to work even harder than before. In addition, such a payment system would make it easy for the company to both save money and to gradually release Tom. In the event that the employee continued to work insufficiently, he would see his income decrease sharply and would then lose interest himself in continuing to stay with the company. Thus, a change in the payment scheme would mean that whether Tom decided to change his work habits or not, the company would benefit.


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